In Loving Memory to Pat Hicks

In Memory of Pat Hicks

The Heart Centered Movement book was one of the last projects Pat Worked on before his passing. I miss his spirit so I wanted to share some of his words!

In light of the madness that pervades the world today, I feel the time is right for us to re-assess our lives away from regret, doubt, hate or fear, and to a place in the Heart; your Heart, Not the pulsing muscle in your chest, but the pure essence of who you are; Pure Love, made in the image (imagination) and likeness(Love) of our Creator, the essence of life itself, a perfect, whole, complete, radiant light of the universe. All the great seers and mystics saw this and tried to teach it to the world, but we didn’t listen, and chaos reigns. Be aware of the mystical,magical experiences you have had in your life to tap you on your shoulder and let you know just how priceless you are, and what your purpose is:To Live, Love, and Let Live, because you are an unique expression placed here in this lifetime by the Infinite Intelligence that operates in this Universe; unmoving, silent, secret, unremarkable, invisible, and unfathomable by the mind. Yet it can be summed up in a word: Heart, with a capital H.

Pat Hicks “The Heart Centered Movement”
In Loving Memory