Nassim Sana

Stop Everything for 5 Minutes

I’m not going to talk about the reasons why we don’t relax, and utilize tools like meditation. I’m going to encourage you to focus on all the reasons why you should give yourself that five minutes to become more centered. Click here for the full article.

For Sedona With Love, From the South of France

Jack Jamesen Memorial Sculpture Park is a lovely pedestrian park adjacent Bank of America on Northview in West Sedona. The park celebrates service clubs and organizations Click here for the full article.

Blind Spot might not be Blind

A simple definition of anxiety is a fear of the future, something happening in the upcoming period of time, even just minutes away. Click here for the full article.

A Fabulous Awakening Introduction

In living the day to day, many of us in the ‘I Am Woman Generation’ abandoned the intrepid, truth-teller voice of our girlhood, at least for a time. Click here for the full article.

She May Be Running From Job Stress

I’ve been having a recurring dream for about 10 years. It involves me being chased. Click here for the full article.

24 Hour Rejuvenation

The Lodge at Sedona is also a retreat and advanced therapy detoxification and rebuilding program. There are doctor supervised programs, yoga classes, energy work, massages, fresh juices, organic vegan gourmet meals to help you restore natural health and regain your strength from illness recovery. Click here for the full article.