Nassim Sana

Stop Everything for 5 Minutes

I’m not going to talk about the reasons why we don’t relax, and utilize tools like meditation. I’m going to encourage you to focus on all the reasons why you should give yourself that five minutes to become more centered. Click here for the full article.
Jodie Heisner
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Yes Your Friends and Family will Lie to You

I hate to break the news, but it's a fact. When you ask your close friends and family how you did during your recent TV interview, what they thought of your presentation or the quotes in the paper from your print interview, they will tell you bold faced lies. (Oh employees too, they will also lie their butts off.) Click here for the full article.
Olga Zlotnik

Your Home as an Investment

When people are being hounded by creditors and going through tough financial times, they come to me for help. In listening to, advocating for, and helping my clients, I have had the privilege of learning some financial do’s and don’ts. The truth is that financial trouble can happen to anyone. Click here for the full article.

Back Pain and Hydration – Is Your Back Thirsty?

A thirsty back is often a sore back. Let’s take a look at how proper water intake, exercise and nutrition can help support a healthy pain free back. Click here for the full article.


In the golden days of Hollywood films, the competitive consciousness in the acting arena could be considered comparable to Rome’s ancient coliseum, Click here for the full article.
Becky Campos

Encouraging the Health Conscious Mom

Surely my black bean burgers will taste just like a red meat burger” she plans. Click here for the full article.
Dr Bret Wilson

Alzheimer Disease, Memory Care, Caretakers

Recognition of the early stage Alzheimer’s or other dementia can help provide intervention at early stages and begin to plan how to provide support and care as the condition progresses. Click here for the full article.


When Valentino, the man affectionately dubbed by his partner, The Last Emperor, referenced Marilyn’s gowns Click here for the full article.
Billy Trivalla Fashion


“The Valley of the Dolls,” those “dolls” were both dangerous and destructive. Anyone who has seen the 1967 film version of her run-away-best-seller Click here for the full article.
Becky Campos

Four Attitudes of Health

When I am given the freedom to speak honestly, courageously and genuinely to a person who has been diagnosed with cancer about what it takes to reclaim their health and with out any limitation there are many things I want to say. Click here for the full article.