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1. a quality of a story or report, as in a newspaper or on a newscast, that engages attention and sympathy by enabling one to identify readily with the people, problems, and situations described.

For Sedona With Love, From the South of France

Jack Jamesen Memorial Sculpture Park is a lovely pedestrian park adjacent Bank of America on Northview in West Sedona. The park celebrates service clubs and organizations Click here for the full article.

Some Gentlemen Didn’t Prefer Blondes

Travilla was one of the few, if not ONLY people to understand the blondes’ ambition. Click here for the full article.
Travilla win Emmy for Dallas


As a popular series, Dallas was a television phenomenon in the 1980’s. The dramatic lives of J.R. and Sue Ellen Ewing and their Texas oil clan were the talk of every town the day after airing. Click here for the full article.
Red Oaks

Sense. Experiment. Experience.

Sense. Experiment. Experience. Your Invitation To SEE At An Art Gallery Opening. Laurence Karasek wants to test your ability to SEE art in a new way. Click here for the full article.


As a young girl, Norman Jean Baker had little idea that she would actually one day grow up to become the likes of “Marilyn Monroe.” Click here for the full article.
Marilyn and Barry

Marilyn Monroe and Barry Goldwater

In the case of Marilyn Monroe, she depended upon her friend Billy for every item in her Hollywood costume arsenal. All of her famed 20th Century-Fox costumes, Travilla designed; including the “white” pleated halter dress she wore Click here for the full article.
Eboni Lacey

Let the Feminist Bell Ring

As she was 28 and just recently got married, she then started talking about her husband. She admitted that he looked creepy, and he was almost 20 years her senior. She then turned to me and said that she deserved her husband. Click here for the full article.
Billy Trivalla Fashion


For the films big fashion show scene, in keeping with designers like Christian Dior’s tradition to name each of his outfits, Travilla gave his costumes names that were all included in the films script: names such as; Rainbow Over the Everglades; Good Afternoon Sweetheart Click here for the full article.
Love your Body pledge

Join the movement and PLEDGE to love your body

Body Love was showcased at the 2016 Amber Rose Slut Walk – an internationally recognized historical event that educates on the need for consent and empowers women to not be afraid to wear Click here for the full article.