Awareness a Mystifying Word


Awareness a Mystifying Word
Time for a Short Sermon…


Patrick HicksWho is behind this thing called Life? Grace… That’s what I call it (Her). Psychics sometimes call it guides, Christians call it Jesus, Hindus call it Brahman, Muslims call it Allah. The list of belief systems go on and on. Others scoff at the whole idea of someone or something watching over us. Atheists and Agnostics can believe what they want, but how bleak and limiting are their views of life, limiting them to thoughts proceeding from the rice pudding we call our brain. They are missing the things dreams are made of;  the ecstasy and awe of knowing we are not what we appear to be, mere humans, separate and apart from God, struggling and suffering and powerless to control the outcome, boxing at shadows of non-existent past regrets and future fears. Arguing and suffering with what Is. Awareness a Mystifying Word.

I believe as the Mystics do, that we are literally One – Waves appearing as separate, yet inseparable from the infinite universal Divine ocean of Beingness, not our puny limited egoic minds with feckless thoughts only useful to navigate us through life’s landmines of our own making. Don’t get me wrong. Our mind is an infinitely intelligent complex organism with only a minute fraction if its potential yet understood by the brightest minds around us. It is a still-unfolding miracle of God’s gift to us in this life, but it is not who we are. We are pure Awareness temporarily in the form of a human being and eventually return to the formless. The Life that we are never was born and will never die. It is Life eternal manifesting into form until it chooses to incarnate into another expression to fulfill its desire to know itself.

Again, Awareness; a mystifying word that escapes human comprehension and imagining. Yet it is the essence of the universe; it is Life still unformed until form is needed to carry out this experiment called life as humanness. Awareness is all in all: Infinite, Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omni active, yet incomprehensible to the human mind. It can only be discerned by the Heart. Ask Jesus about that: “Seek Ye First The Kingdom,” (Jesus).  “Return Unto Me And I Will Return Unto Thee.”Malakai

So I don’t care if they call me a woo woo. I’ve been around over eighty years and I know what I know, or rather should I say, “I believe what I believe?” Nobody knows the truth anyway, so why not think you are loved, watched over and saved from your own missteps and disasters to complete your purpose to pay it forward, whatever that entails – to save a life, to make someone happy, to love.

Who or what is watching over you?  If you have cheated death, why were you spared? What is your purpose in the midst of the madness that pervades our world? Who or what intervened on your behalf? I call it Grace, the activity of Awareness, another word for God – the infinite, invisible, silent, secret, radiant universal Presence of all life – that which is breathing you, beating your heart, animating you.  It can have many names – Heart, Love, God, Presence, Source, Grace, etc, but those words are just that – words – pointers to help us grasp the incomprehensible – the Truth of our Being – the great mystery of it all. Why is an unanswerable question. We can’t know why, we can only believe.

People may draw their own conclusions, based on their own belief systems – Religion, Atheism, revelations, personal experiences with the Divine. Still, it is only a belief.

Are humans an experiment created by a Supreme Being to see if Love can heal the world? So far not so, and we are getting close to denying that God exists and possible extinction.

This Truth can only be comprehended by our Heart, not our mind, and cannot be explained, just personally awakened to it when Grace intervenes to Awaken you.

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven,” Jesus said, and we are still seeking… misunderstanding his message. The Kingdom of Heaven already resides in us. To “Seek” simply means; Turn within to your heart where the truth abides since the beginning. “Return unto me, and I will return unto you.”