Dr Peggy Marshall

The Negative Thinking Spiral

Complicating the negativity bias is our memories which are either implicit or explicit. Although explicit memory is typically a positive phenomenon, what is stored in implicit memory is more often negatively biased. As we access these memories we continue to build more energy for the negative and may even perceive events as negative due to memories rather than what is actually happening in the moment.

Visualizing Success

if you do not believe that something can happen, your actions will reinforce that belief. Henry Ford said “whether you think you can or think you can’t-you are right.”

Building Your “COTE” of Amour

The more competence you feel the more confidence you feel which motivates you to take on more challenges successfully resulting in more confidence.

Performing Under Pressure-Part 1

In order to examine the impact of pressure on our performance, we must distinguish between pressure and stress.