Dr. Peggy Marshall

Living Your Life on Purpose

The first step in the 12 Week Year process is to establish your professional and personal visions for yourself. We have discovered in working with leaders that this step can sometimes be difficult because we do not take the time to think about what we really want.

What Do You Really Want?

Did you know that high achievers have bigger visions? They have the perspective that anything can happen-so they let themselves dream big.

“Happy Xmas” by John Lennon and Yoko Ono

As you prepare for 2016, don’t forget to reflect upon 2015 successes. One of the best ways to create our future is to leverage what we know about our past successes!
Dr Peggy Marshall

Decisions Decisions Decisions

Effective decision making is a major contributor to success. We know this intuitively yet find ourselves in decision making traps which lead to ineffective decisions and unnecessary agony. New York Times Bestselling authors Chip and Dan Heath