Dr Peggy Marshall

The Negative Thinking Spiral

Complicating the negativity bias is our memories which are either implicit or explicit. Although explicit memory is typically a positive phenomenon, what is stored in implicit memory is more often negatively biased. As we access these memories we continue to build more energy for the negative and may even perceive events as negative due to memories rather than what is actually happening in the moment.

Fear in the Midst of Change

fear puts our brains into a negative mindset and induces worry. Hugh Prather in “The Little Book of Letting Go” shares that there are several attitudes that enable the worrier. First, believing that it is natural to worry. We develop this belief because we know so many people who do worry and accept it as a natural part of living
Peggy Marshall

Living into Your Passions

Check your fears around living a passionate life and then build a plan for moving beyond them. As a coach, I always recommend starting with the easiest or less life changing passion such as identifying a passion that can be turned into a hobby.