Coaching is a Conversation
Business Coaching By Dr. Peggy Marshall
2016 Best Of

Dr. Peggy Marshall Ph.D

Coaching is: a conversation; about listening in a way that the client feels heard; about asking questions that lead to new ways of thinking; and about focusing our client’s efforts to reach higher levels of performance. Coaches act as a catalyst for change and performance by challenging and supporting clients in achieving performance objectives through a consistent and confident focus on strengths and while managing to areas for growth. Coaches facilitate learning through process that transforms rather than prescribes. Coaching provides a conduit for and places emphasis on unlocking potential, maximizing performance, while assigning ownership of outcomes to the client.

Dr. Peggy Marshall is committed to helping help clients transform assumptions, beliefs, habits, and mindsets in order to achieve a level of peak performance. She focuses on a 90 day plan that provides a structure for achieving successes quickly and then building upon those successes in future sessions. Dr. Marshall’s coaching starts with an assessment followed by a goal setting session. Weekly or bi-weekly sessions follow for a period of 90 days. This shortened period for coaching allows for the setting of goals that are achievable within the 90 day framework yet many clients continue on in 90 day segments.

Dr. Marshall is an author, speaker, facilitator and change agent. She has met the requirements for the Certified Master Business Coach designation (CMBC) and is currently working on a second masters in Advanced Coaching from Middlesex University in London. She is certified in a number of assessment processes including DISC, PME, Hogan, MBTI, as well as a variety of assessments available from California Psychological Press.

From working with new leaders as they are promoted into new roles, to seasoned leaders who want to fine tune their leadership to individuals who want to lift performance, Dr Marshall’s clients range from Fortune 100 leaders to entrepreneurs in new business development.

The focus of the coaching varies depending upon the client. Some of Dr. Marshall’s 90 days plans frequently focus on the following leadership issues:

Succession and business planning
Change management
Developing and coaching high performance teams
Executive presence and brand
Work-life balance

Look for the release of Dr. Marshall’s new book “Taking Charge of Change” which will be released in early 2016. Her book will help clients achieve transformational and lasting change. Also visit her website to sign up for her newsletter and to learn more about her coaching.