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Who Am I? Nassim Sana

Who Am I?

Things can be really empty in this world, and I don’t just mean the music world. It can become a very meaningless place if you don’t really understand: ‘who am I? Why am I here? What am I doing?’ To feel fulfillment and have a deeper level of understanding, personally, that is the most important thing. -Alicia Keys


Nassim Sana, MCWho am I? That is a simple question, yet it is one without a simple answer. I am many things—and I am one thing. But I am not a thing that is just lying around somewhere, like a pair of socks, or a flower, or a chair. That is for sure. I am much more than that. I am a living, breathing thing, a thing that can put on socks and smell a flower and sit on a chair and talk with a friend. And still, I am much more.

I am a Woman.

And I am a former baby and a future skeleton, and I am a distant future pile of dust. I am also a Pisces.

I am “sister” and I am “daughter” and I am “friend” (Who always listens with an open mind).

I am the makeup of many parts, I am kind, caring, sensitive, loyal, and I am determined, temperamental, I am variations of many seasons the night stars and the sunshine.

Understanding who we are is the fundamental key point as to living a happy life. I was asking myself this question today, and I started brainstorming all the different aspects of me. I found myself getting very excited because I reminded myself that I am many things, which includes the good and not so good, and it’s my job to see all of me. You see that’s the beautiful thing about us human beings we are just as amazing as a stain glass painting. We have many facets, shapes, colors, shades and deeps, and all of it is a gift.

  1. I have always believed that first we need to recognize who we are and let me tell you, yes, that takes a lot of guts we are taking a good look at ourselves honestly is not easy or comfortable.
  2. The second part is accepting who we are, and that mean putting all the negative thoughts away, judgment and feelings of not enough.
  3. Third is write them all down take ownership of all aspects of you. I always say this, we are one of a kind, there is no one else like you on this earth and that’s an incredible gift all on its own.
  4. The forth part is nothing about us is set in stone, and that means if there is anything you don’t fully like about yourself, you have the option of working on it and make improves or change it all together. You see you are not as ridged as you think you are you, just like that stain glass painting you can add new pieces, or make the pieces a little richer, and more full of life. Most of all like I said before whom you are is a gift, never forget to embrace your inner true being and let your light shine for everyone to see. Also here is my YouTube link just a few tips on how to break habits (

Thank you,

Your Coach Nassim