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Top 10 Facebook Tips!

Top 10 Facebook Tips! Magnetize the right customer

Gia HellerHave you tried EVERYTHING you could to get business on your Facebook with no success? Well you’re in luck, this top 10 list can help you succeed with your #FacebookMarketing

1. Keep it Social – There is a reason it’s called #SocialMedia and not selling media. Want to keep your personal life separate from your business life? Unfortunately, Facebook is not the right platform for you. From puppies, to fashion to food, these are the posts that go “viral” inside Facebook, not “buy+ my product”. Educate and entertain by all means, but save your selling for when you have your client in front of you. Use Facebook to DRIVE them to you. (See Tip #10)

2. Be Creative! If your business isn’t feeding your soul, this could be a huge part of your failure – No one wants to “like” an insurance page. If you’re in a business that is less than exciting, you need to get creative with your marketing. Case in point: In 3 years of having #BergdollInsurance my client only received 69 “Likes” on his page. After interviewing him and finding out his social passion, we created a local page that WOULD attract the right market. In less than 3 weeks of using his new page, Bill now has 115 “Likes” on his #PhoenixPerformingArts page AND his posts are being shared by other local venues such as Tempe Center for the Performing Arts.

3. Follow what is #Trending – He/She who keeps up on what is popular in the local and national marketplace wins more eyeballs. If everyone is talking about something and you can tie it back to your business and use the appropriate #hashtags, you will win eyeballs of people interested in the topic. Example: When Renee Zellwegger was the hottest news on the net, I instructed my client to #hashtag Renee and provide HIS opinion.

4. Upload Photos & Videos daily – Even if you are putting a link to your blog, it will get more action if the link is accompanied by a photo or video. Facebook does not want you sending people OUTSIDE of Facebook so they give more favorable results when you directly uploading your content to Facebook. IE: Do not put a link to a #YouTube video on Facebook, but rather upload your content directly. Posts that have videos & photos attached are seen by more people.

5. Only One post per day! – Unless you are Disney or Beyoncé, your following is not going to be as responsive if you “over-post”. A post is like a snowball. Each comment, like, share it gains it gets bigger and bigger. Throwing up another post on top of a post that is getting attention, will KILL the post getting attention, throw the new one into the newsfeed and harm the organic virility of both posts.

6. Get in the Conversation! – Use #Hashtags to link your post to conversations happening on Facebook and be seen by more people. This is extremely helpful when implementing step 3, keeping it trending.

7. Look Good! – If you want to be viewed as the “expert” make sure your branding says “expert” and not “homemade art”. You have .003 seconds to get the attention of someone once your post hits the #newsfeed. So the visual (cover image) needs to be succinct and clear.

8. Facebook Advertising I am not a huge fan of “ads”… – Everyone knows the first three companies that appear on Google for any given keywords are pay-per-click users, & everyone can spot a Facebook Ad. I am not on Facebook to sell. Because of “Click farms” I will NOT target my audience using the Facebook targeting tool. Instead, focus on “boosting” your post to “fans and friends of fans that like your page”. If you do this (And haven’t purchased a bunch of fake fans) you will know that ALL of the impressions, clicks and eyeballs that are recorded on your site, are REAL people and local in the areas in which your friends/network reside in.

9. Share, but not how YOU think… – I certainly don’t mean sharing other people’s content regularly. When you do a post on your BUSINESS timeline (formerly known as “Fan Page”), SHARE that post to your PERSONAL timeline and any/all groups you belong to. In fact, find MORE groups to join. The simple act of SHARING (and tagging yourself when possible) your post in many places will automatically increase your viewing audience and get your page in front of more eyeballs daily. Share your post on the walls of new people that friend you and that you meet out in the community. But sharing OTHER people’s content to your personal or business page will do NOTHING in terms of increasing your score at all.

10. Include a Call-To-Action – Offering something of value for FREE, specifically educational workshops has been a HUGE winner for me in terms of new prospects/customers. Never “Sell” but always have a call-to-action. IE: Click here to RSVP to my next #Phoenix #DigitalMarketing #Workshop: Or: Visit for more information. OR: Get your free webinar at I don’t care what your call to action is, as long as there is one and it presents a #IrresistibleOffer to your market.

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