Boomer and the Babe

Albert’s Hair

Do you remember that picture of Albert Einstein? You know the one that is a close-up with his wild hair all askew? The caption was “a bad haircut can make you look really dumb.” That’s the way it is with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or any other short missive you publish, no matter how you distribute it. Click here for the full article.
Dr Peggy Marshall

April Showers bring May Flowers

I am in Ohio and spent the holiday with family. The flowers are blooming everywhere as they have had above average temperatures for the past two weeks. However, we are supposed to have rain tonight and it reminded me of the old say “April showers bring May flowers”. My coach hat turns that comment into we need to nurture what we want to grow. Here’s the question for you-what in your life are you watering? Click here for the full article.