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Rock, Paper, Scissors & Dynamite

The other day I was playing with three of my grandchildren. Innocently I reached up on the shelf in the garage to get down a bottle of bubbles. I only had one bottle and this incited world war between the three grandkids. The kids were grabbing, screaming and crying trying to assert there way, “Me first” “My bubbles!”. I realized that I was quickly losing control. I resorted to the primal Grandma squeal, stopping them in their tracks. They all three froze to see what was wrong. I quickly said, “I know how we will settle this Rock, Paper ,Scissors & Dynamite.” Click here for the full article.
Kas Winters

Converse with Family Members

The art of conversation has changed. Consider benefits of both old and new ways to exchange information and decide how you choose to handle communication with your children. It is possible to keep plenty of face-to-face talking while including electronic forms as appropriate for our youngsters. Click here for the full article.