Olga Zlotnik

Credit Card Debt

When people are being hounded by creditors and going through tough financial times, they come to me for help. Click here for the full article.

Web Extra Phoenix

Shift Across America is an attempt at modern storytelling. There is a movement underway in America. A movement to reshape and reform our communities and economies. Leaders from coast to coast are doing amazing and transformational work, and I will help them share their stories. And along the way, I'll be sharing information about the 10% Shift happening in New England, a grassroots initiative to catalyze sustainable and equitable economies. Click here for the full article.
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Advertising in a Tough Economy

Businesses that continue to promote in a tough economy have a stronger and greater chance of a full recovery. Often one of the first things businesses do in a financially tough economy is cut back on advertising. Studies show the businesses that reduces their marketing are at risk of being forgotten. This is the best time to keep your "Open for Business" sign on. Clients may assume you are not ready to provide product or services , or worse, assume that you are out of business. Click here for the full article.