Get Focused 16 Marketing Tips

Looking towards this next year I need to have more marketing-focused goals to keep up that milestone, which lead to this post. It never hurts to take a look at the goals any business or business owner should have when it comes to the promotion and marketing of a business. Click here for the full article.
Dating in 2015

5 Standards Every Woman Should Have

You don’t need a whole list of standards because men aren’t perfect and neither are you. But there’s no need to not have these basic standards. If you want something serious you must have serious behaviors Click here for the full article.
Nassim Sana

Attitude of Gratitude

We have become so automated that we don’t even realize that what we are doing is rushing through life and missing the little miracles that occur in our lives. Click here for the full article.

Is Cancer Bad Luck

Headlines recently proclaimed that “Bad Luck Blamed in Two Thirds of Cancer Cases”. Click here for the full article.
Cynthia Richmond

Coins Could Be Symbols of Change

I have had two recurring dreams for many years. In the first, Click here for the full article.

ChildHelp “Drive the Dream”

This year’s event was chaired by Pat and Bob Bondurant and Jim and Carol Hebets with a focus on the Olympic theme of “Go for the Gold Click here for the full article.
Giving & Receiving

Giving and Receiving

It’s an exciting time of year as our energy focuses on those we love and those whom we can offer support to during the holiday season. Click here for the full article.
Celibacy Diaries

The Celibacy Diaries Part One

I decided to explore the other side and remain celibate until I find the man that I can enjoy all these things with, even if it means waiting until marriage. Click here for the full article.

Trouble Staying Positive

Now that we are getting closer and closer to the Holidays it is even more important to stay in a positive space and capture the essence of the Holidays. I have lived in the Valley of the Sun for the past 27 years, and each year I notice people struggling to stay positive during the most important part of the year. Click here for the full article.