Some Gentlemen Didn’t Prefer Blondes

Travilla was one of the few, if not ONLY people to understand the blondes’ ambition. Click here for the full article.
Travilla win Emmy for Dallas


As a popular series, Dallas was a television phenomenon in the 1980’s. The dramatic lives of J.R. and Sue Ellen Ewing and their Texas oil clan were the talk of every town the day after airing. Click here for the full article.


As a young girl, Norman Jean Baker had little idea that she would actually one day grow up to become the likes of “Marilyn Monroe.” Click here for the full article.
Marilyn and Barry

Marilyn Monroe and Barry Goldwater

In the case of Marilyn Monroe, she depended upon her friend Billy for every item in her Hollywood costume arsenal. All of her famed 20th Century-Fox costumes, Travilla designed; including the “white” pleated halter dress she wore Click here for the full article.
Boomer and the Babe

It’s time for the Revolution

Whether it is our State House or our Federal Government it is already obvious that the election is going to do nothing to make our lives easier. New leaders that made promises are already doing whatever they want to do with little regard for the average citizen in this country. They can’t agree on anything, and that is not a partisan statement. It makes no difference which side of the aisle you sit on. It is time that we take matters into our own hands now more than ever. We can no longer stand by and expect the politicians to lead. The only motivation they have is greed and power. Click here for the full article.
Billy Trivalla Fashion


For the films big fashion show scene, in keeping with designers like Christian Dior’s tradition to name each of his outfits, Travilla gave his costumes names that were all included in the films script: names such as; Rainbow Over the Everglades; Good Afternoon Sweetheart Click here for the full article.
The Art of a blog

The Art of Making a Blog for SEO Rankings

New clients are not born of a single blog post. You need to remember it is allowing them time to get to know you, the romance if you will. Click here for the full article.
Bret Wilson DC

A Conservative Approach to Pain Management

Chiropractic care has shown to be effective and safe in the treatment of low back pain and neck pain. There is growing evidence that both acute and chronic conditions can benefit from chiropractic spinal manipulation. Click here for the full article.
Nassim Sana

The Game of Life

Have you ever thought that a Monday can be as fun and exhilarating as a Friday? It’s really all in how we look at things and how we decide to play the game of life. Click here for the full article.

The Mackinac Bridge Mimi Paris Photography

The Mackinac Bridge is currently the fifth longest suspension bridge in the world. In 1998, the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge in Japan became the longest with a total suspension of 12,826 feet. The Mackinac Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the western hemisphere. Click here for the full article.