Dr Bret Wilson

Learn to Save a Life

Imagine you are walking along a hiking trail and you come across another person who is unconscious. You are at a football game and a fellow spectator clutches their chest and falls to the ground. What would you do if, while enjoying a day on the water, a friend or family member nearly drowns and is in need of help? How would you respond to these situations? Call for emergency services and administer cardio pulmonary resuscitation or CPR. Your actions can help save a life and buy time until emergency services can arrive. CPR Training Click here for the full article.
Becky Campos

Health for Pennies on the Dollar

Did you know there are many things you can do to assist your body in reclaiming your health and preventing disease for pennies on the dollar. I talk to many people who are concerned about the high price of organic produce and health products. Many of my friends and family tell me they cannot afford to eat healthy. Here are two things I do weekly to increase my nutrient levels that not only are inexpensive but they are simple to do. Click here for the full article.