Boomer and the Babe

It’s time for the Revolution

Whether it is our State House or our Federal Government it is already obvious that the election is going to do nothing to make our lives easier. New leaders that made promises are already doing whatever they want to do with little regard for the average citizen in this country. They can’t agree on anything, and that is not a partisan statement. It makes no difference which side of the aisle you sit on. It is time that we take matters into our own hands now more than ever. We can no longer stand by and expect the politicians to lead. The only motivation they have is greed and power. Click here for the full article.
Becky Campos

Resolve during the Holiday Season

I am thinking about the resolve it takes to live in accordance to The Twelve Laws of Simple Health especially during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season. Click here for the full article.
Boomer and the Babe

For What it’s Worth

There are any number of so called experts that tell us, the Baby Boomer Generation, what we want. They tell others how to market to us. These experts try to explain why we do what we do, why we buy what we buy, why we live the way we live and what we need to do to insure our "comfortable retirement." Click here for the full article.
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Digital Magazines

Digital magazines offer a great alternative to print magazines and have many benefits not just for the consumers but for also publishers and advertisers alike. Click here for the full article.

In the Face of Tragedy Continue to Celebrate Life

We experience so much every day, the important thing is how we choose to deal with them and overcome them the best way we know how. Every day remind your self despite the hardship you ae here now and your voice, laughter, smile and energy makes the world of difference to those who know you and don’t know you. Always remember I’m here to remind you, you are amazing despite it all. Your Coach Nassim Click here for the full article.

Spring Cleaning Your Mental Space!

Do you have a little dirt on your internal windows or cobwebs in corners of your mind? This blog will focus on a couple of areas that you might want to focus on for internal spring cleaning. Click here for the full article.

Don’t Be Fooled by the Name

Each product has a short ingredient list and is all-natural. Each product is homemade with the preservation of this beautiful land in mind. The soaps are handmade in batches of only 144 bars in order to control quality and environmental impact. Click here for the full article.

Fine, and Functional, Art

Wood. Metal. Cement. Clay. These are the materials James Anthony Peters uses to customize works of art for his clients. “I’m an artist-for-hire kind of guy,” he says, “and I love to be asked, ‘Is this possible?’” Click here for the full article.

The Twelve Week Year

Planning is followed by process control which begins with the identification of tools and events that align daily actions with the most important actions for ultimate success. Ensuring that you focus your time on critical actions for success, these tools and events are essential to creating the outcomes you want. Click here for the full article.

Apache Landscape

The American southwest is a land of beauty, or as they say in New Mexico, enchantment. It is host to plant life not found anywhere else in the world, and culture that is second to none Click here for the full article.