Sydney Paige McCutcheon

Mountain Tops

Mountain Tops

Sydney Paige McCutcheon

Sydney Paige McCutcheon

For the past year, I have been going to the gym at least three times a week, and what I have noticed is that the closer you get to your goal, the more endurance is needed.

You would think it would get easier, right? But as you lose more weight, you begin to burn less calories at the level you were at. You have to go to a higher level in order to burn the same amount or more, of calories you had been burning before. The incline must increase and the speed must increase. It gets tougher.

And you don’t always want to do it.

One night as I was exercising the image came to me of a mountaintop.

Now, I don’t think I have ever really climbed a mountain, possibly on a field trip when I was younger we did some trails, but anyhow, the image that came to mind was this:

You journeying off on a large mountain, headed for the top. You have your water, your backpack of supplies, cargo pants, and mountain shoes (of course, its always good to pray first, safety for the journey).

You travel the first few miles in a breeze, your heart pounding with adrenaline and excitement. You are enthusiastic, and remain so as the first leg of the mountain is complete. Once the midsection comes up though, you do begin to notice things, whether they are new or just never noticed before.

The wind has stopped blowing. Sweat drips into your eyes. All you see are trees at every corner, the same tree after tree and the sunlight only filters through them. The brush is thicker. And water isn’t cutting it.

You look upward and see you still have much more to go. After a moment of rest, you start again, but not as enthusiastic as before, and not as easily. Your legs are pumping and the backup is chaffing.

Part of you wonders if it is really worth it to keep going. You have come this far already, hadn’t you? The last level of the mountain is before you, but must you continue? It could hurt, it could strain, it could wear you out completely. You’ve lost focus of your task and now only see the shortsightedness; you’re tired, thirsty, it’s hot and sticky, and all you see are trees! The elevation is higher, it’s harder to breathe. It would be much easier to go back down.

Yet your at the last part of your journey: the Mountain Top.

Sometimes the mountain isn’t the test. Sometimes the test is the mountain top.

It would be nice to stop and rest again. But rest too long and the next few miles will be even worse.

This is when decision must trump enthusiasm. When decision must trump feelings and thoughts. Will you keep going up to the top?

Or will you descend back down from where you came?

Though the latter in theory is easier, no matter what, even at the base of the mountain you will always be pulled to go up.

It’s your choice whether to ignore the pulling, or to answer it. And every choice has a result to go with it.

The top of the mountain is a real test because it’s a challenge: “You’ve been through the first stages of the mountain, all the forest, sharp rocks, bugs, and heat – but now, after all of that, will you venture further, push harder, to reach your destiny?

Do you keep moving? Go back down? Sit?

If you sit too long soon darkness will come and you won’t be able to see at all where to go.

Any choice can’t or shouldn’t, be taken lightly.

But from what I can imagine of the mountain top is that is hast to be a beautiful sight. The wind blows there, the sun shines brightly all around, and you can probably touch the clouds almost. The surrounding scene of nature is just as amazing with the other mountains and forestry of different complimenting colors. The trek down the other side isn’t so bad either, and there is a calm stream below and fresh grass to rest upon. It’s nice.

When you’re at the harder levels in life, try to imagine the place where you want to be. Keep it at the forefront of your mind, it will encourage you to keep going (and sometimes it reveals to you whether your goal is something you truly want – if there is another goal you should rather go after, and pursue that right goal even more so).

Climb the mountain! Reach the top!

Don’t let yourself give up!


Have a Blessed month and summer!