Sydney Paige McCutcheon


Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I can already smell that pumpkin pie – extra cool whip please!

Sydney Paige McCutcheon

Sydney Paige McCutcheon

I am very excited for the coming holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas especially! (The latter my favorite!) And I know last year I talked about giving thanks and so I tried to think about what I would say this year, and this is what just came to mind.

What is the purpose of Thanksgiving? Really think about it. We learned part of this in school a couple times, remember, the Pilgrims and the Indians? What do they signify? 

Coming together.

Exactly! You do it for the same reason. Why every year do you haul your family to grandma and grandpa’s house with all those aunts and uncles and cousins? Because it is all about coming together – and giving thanks for one another. The fellowship that fills a room with warmth and laughter, not just the wonderful smells of food. Time spent together.

So this Thanksgiving Day let us remember to enjoy the time we have with each other, to be thankful for the faces around us, and eat lots of pie.

I will spending it with my family, my Dad will have the house smelling delicious when I wake up (because you know the ones who don’t cook should just stay out of the way and sleepJ)  and Mom will set out the pretty plates while my sister and I ask time to time when we can eat as we both survey the desserts.

We may not have everything we want right now, but everything we need God has supplied and we should take time to enjoy these moments where we don’t have to work or clean the house. Don’t go worrying about Monday morning at the office, or what you forgot the day before. Relax, enjoy those around you. Eat yummy Thanksgiving Lunch so you can have turkey sandwiches later for dinner and go to a movie with your family or even stay home and play a board game (yes, they still make and sell those in stores). No video games, no he’s upstairs, she’s downstairs baloney – this is a definite time of coming together, not just a vacation break from school or work. It’s harder to quit a habit than it is to make a tradition – start one now. Go around the table one by one giving thanks, teach it to your children, because all of us should give thanks.

I thank God for my family, for each of them, my Mom, my Dad, my Sister – and I thank God for sending His son Jesus to save me, for giving me a future, and much, much more, thank You. (John 3:16).

Have a great and wonderful Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy turkey and gravy and those yummy croissant biscuits! Save room for pie, don’t forget! Though, with turkey it seems you always have room somewhere! Spend it with those you love and care about! Make it a fantastic month!

And truly ask yourselves, what are you thankful for?

(It’s good for the heart – Colossians 3:15)

“And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to which also you were called in one body; and be thankful.”