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Sydney Paige McCutcheon

Sydney Paige McCutcheon


My Story
By Sydney Paige McCutcheon
Author of Henry

When I was fourteen I realized that I no longer wanted to be a lawyer.

Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be three things: Farmer, Singer, Lawyer. I chose the first and last. But something changed one summer almost six years ago, and I wanted to work in the film industry. Over the course of my senior year I wrote my first novel and a second that summer. Even now I’m in the process of reaching my dreams.

But, this could have never happened.

You see when I wanted to be a lawyer – a graduate from Harvard – people took it with a ‘wow’ but they believed that I could become a lawyer. When I started telling people that I wanted to be an actress and director, I had a class full of fellow students telling me I could never do such a thing without any form of schooling for it – yet I firmly said I wasn’t going to college. (Remember, I went to an ACADEMIC school). Some guys who took drama argued with me that I could not direct a film without going to college – that it was impossible.

After senior year, I went to a friend’s birthday party where the main topic was college. Haha, then came my turn and all heads turned when I said that no, I was not attending college but that yes I am a writer. After I left the party they told my friend I was stupid for not going to college and that I would never make it.

I could have listened years ago to the people around me, to my negative thoughts, and stuck with the lawyer thing. I could have been afraid to dream again, afraid to let go of a dream I had held onto for so many years.

And I think that many people in the world are afraid. It isn’t always because the dream itself is too big but that the challenge of convincing the world is indeed a giant to face. Sometimes I wanted to give in to the fear, to fall back into the ‘norm’. I thought of going to college, I thought of becoming something else – some days that’s all I thought about. I have planned many different paths to walk but though my head could wrap around the new ideas, my heart, my soul, my spirit, could not follow. Thank God they always win.

It takes courage to dream. It takes stamina, it takes willpower, and sometimes it takes everything out of you. But for those of you who know what I am talking about – you have felt that pounding in your chest, that passion for something you must do, then you understand that you cannot let the world put fear inside of you. You cannot let it stop you.

Some of us have let it stop us.

And I say to you, Dream Again! Pick up those forgotten dreams. Burn brighter ones. Just don’t let them disappear from your life completely. It is the worst thing that can be done. No matter how old we are or how far we have come from where we wanted to be, we can always dream again. It just takes some courage, some hope.

The world is going to resist your dreams – the world doesn’t want dreaming, it wants dreams to stay inside of you to rot while you work a six o’clockAM to five o’clockPM job wishing you were somewhere else. The world wants to make you think you can’t make it, people want you to think that too sometimes.

I almost let the world lie to me. I almost let people bring me down. But you can’t be afraid to dream – or afraid to dream again. Becoming a lawyer -whether from Harvard or community – the world will let slide by – people will let slide by. But doing something out of the norm in the community around you, watch out. But you can do it. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be here writing to you today. What keeps me going is that I know God is for me, who can be against me.

You don’t have to convince the world of your dream. There will always be naysayers. Just believe and don’t give up. You can’t deprive the world of your gift anymore. It’s time to dream again.