Sydney Paige McCutcheon

My Poem

My Poem
by Sydney Paige McCutcheon

For some time now, I have wanted to share with everyone a poem, since that is where my writing first came about, and finally, here you go.

There once were three,
And then two,
But now one

None feistier than she,
None smarter could do,
Though barely average than some

A bubble, a breeze, a heat
No sooner could they meet,
Than could two take fleet,

From one
Three didn’t know,
Two didn’t care,
And one had to admit

A seed too busy to grow,
A cross too heavy to bear,
A future too big to quit

Three in need of season,
Two to make a choice,
And one, challenge

Three and two added one,
Two and one drew close,
Three rode the railways.

Two slowly gone
One and three had to wait,
A step of faith one to take,
And three rode the railways.

June is always double special because not only is it Father’s Day Month but it is also my Dad’s Birthday Month! He is the one to always cook for us, clean up after us, and help us solve problems (Mom helps too, of course!). I still remember in preschool when he and my mom would have to come to the principal’s office because I was in trouble again! Haha! He likes to joke about it now!

I am very excited to give him his gifts this year and go out to eat to his favorite places. I hope that everyone has a great day with their Fathers and Husbands – it is good to splurge on family! And I just want to tell him how much I love him and am thankful that he is my dad – (and I do want to say the same for my mom since I didn’t touch on it really for May, that I love you too and am thankful you are my mom – I wouldn’t want any other parents – except God as my Father in Heaven).

I also want to mention my Nina who passed away Mother’s Day 2012 weekend – she always asked about when my blogs would be up and was a faithful fan of them – she would have especially liked this one since it has a poem of mine in it as well as it being about her son, my dad. Once again, Dad I want to tell you Happy Father’s Day and Happy Birthday! I love my family very much though I’m not always good at saying it, and my sister is the best sister in the world [you are my best friend too ;)] I know God gave her to especially me because she is the only one who has stuck around this long and will continue to do so.

Make sure to show and tell your loved ones you love them and spend time with them whenever you can, it is very important, and to pass that on with your children and grandchildren; instill a love of family within them.


Best wishes!