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Success in Business

Success in Business
by Jodie Wilson

Jodie Wilson

Jodie Wilson

The other day I had an unwanted guest show up in my house.  It was a little grey mouse.  It took a liking to my books.  As I was sorting through my collection I found a book I read a number of years ago, “Practical Mysticism” by David Samuel.

Practical Mysticism came at a time in my professional career, when I was starting a new job and I wanted to make changes in how I handled myself.  Not allowing the response of others influence me. I wanted to be proactive not reactive. Trying to strike a balance with business success and living in harmony.

Reading through it again I found I had marked a page, and I wanted to share it with you.

Boosting your chances of Success in Business.
-By David Samuel-

“Starting a business is an exciting adventure.  To increase your chances of success, focus on refining your personality to earn respect from yourself as well as from others. Also familiarize yourself with the product or service you are offering, and understand the psychology of the people you are dealing with.

Respect is based largely on the reliability of your word, or as my Grandfather used to remark, “A person’s worth is calculated by his word.”  If you say you will be at a certain place at a particular time, make sure you are there.  Should it be impossible to honor the commitment, call well in advance to explain your delay.  If you tell someone to expect a call from you tomorrow, then make the call-even if you are too busy to talk and need to reschedule the conversation.

In addition to staying true to your word, communicate clearly and accurately. Sincerely mean every word you say.”

“To develop these skills, practice the following exercise.

Say what you mean and mean what you say (exercise 5-7)
Pay attention to your words, noticing whether or not they are truthful.  If you catch yourself lying, recognize that you are hurting yourself most.  Consider that you may be speaking on  “Automatic pilot”; the try to become more conscious of thinking before you talk.  Taking charge of the words you use is the best way there is to honor them and thereby cultivate self-respect.”

The basic tools we need to remember and use to be successful are all within our control, we just need to practice them.

Even though I was not happy about this guest showing up I was thankful he directed my attention to this book again. Gifts come when you least expect them. Just remember to stay open to what the world has to offer.