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Reclaiming your Health

Becky Campos Simple Health Ministries

Becky Campos Simple Health Ministries

Reclaiming your Health

Reclaiming your health and preventing disease demands some things from you.  When I first started my journey to health and wellness I came from a position of weakness.  I knew very little about the subject of health and wellness and at first, everything I was learning was overwhelming.  Not only was I in a desperate place in my life with a grim diagnosis strangling my hope of ever getting well, I was learning things that were foreign to me which actually added to the stress I was already experiencing.  The mountain of evidence that I had been creating sickness and disease in my body one day at a time by the way I lived, the foods I ate, the lack of water I drank, the lack of plenty of sleep and rest and virtually the hundreds of things I just did not know I was doing wrong; left me emotionally fatigued.  I had to find ways to overcome the pain I felt deep down in my soul when I considered how many things I needed to change.  It was obvious that reclaiming my health and preventing disease would demand that I master the health truths I was studying.  The definition of master is: to be eminently skilled.  An artist, a musician and a surgeon are all eminently skilled in what they do.  They have studied, practiced and consistently mastered the necessary skills in their specific field of work; reclaiming your health and preventing disease requires no less from you.  As I continued to learn what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong I made the choice to stop feeling overwhelmed which was keeping me in a position of weakness.  I began to filter this new information as my answer not another problem I had to overcome.  I made my way through the incredible feelings of hopelessness into a position of strength when I developed the first critical health thinking skill I ever thought.  Here it is:

If sickness and disease does not fall out of the sky, land on my head and into my body but it is created one day at a time by the way I live, what I eat, what I drink and how I sleep than that is good news to you and to me because that means that health is achievable.

I entered into the fight of my life in a position of strength when I finally stopped looking at what I was learning as overwhelming and started doing what the health experts recommended.  I took everything that I was doing wrong and put into place a strategic daily plan to reverse each one and master it to the best of my ability.

Here is just one of many things I reversed and have mastered in my life to reclaim my health and prevent disease.

• Reclaiming your health demands that eighty percent of the food you consume through out the day be consumed raw and twenty percent of your food should be cooked.  Raw foods include fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and a variety of plant based foods.

• Raw foods are living foods.  They have been created with all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients and living enzymes necessary for the human body to function at its best.  Raw foods hold the perfect amounts of nutrients to cleanse and rebuild the body like no other food in the planet.

• Cooked foods and processed foods are considered dead foods because the nutrients that promote health in our body have been removed by heating, bleaching, stripping, modifying, etc. and processed to death.

• I do not consume anything in a can, bottle, box or a bag.  These foods are not just unhealthy and unworthy of consuming they will prevent you from reclaiming your health.  They contain ingredients that add to sickness and disease.  The only foods I purchase in a can, bottle, box or a bag are foods like oatmeal, almond milk, soy milk, etc.  Those are acceptable foods.  Reading labels helps me decide whether a product is worthy of purchasing and consuming.

• Eating eighty percent of your food raw, in its most natural state will accumulate into health in your body when you limit your cooked food intake.

• Cooked food and processed food places a burden on the digestive system, pancreas and liver because it is lacking in the beautiful living enzymes that help break down the food we consume.  The more cooked food you eat the more your pancreas has to secrete the necessary enzymes to break down your food.

• Cooked food is necessary for health but not in the quantities that are detrimental to your body.  Americans consume a diet of eighty to ninety percent of cooked food and twenty or as little as ten percent raw foods.  After years of consuming cooked foods the pancreas begins to swell and become inflamed, it is weary of the constant burden that has been placed on it to provide all the enzymes and insulin to deal with the way we feed ourselves.  When we don’t provide our bodies with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, raw nuts and plant based foods that deliver the vital and necessary enzymes our bodies need, the pancreas has no choice but to stay on duty day in and day out with no rest or regeneration.  Finally, sickness and disease of all kinds begin to accumulate.

• I wish someone had explained this life saving, life changing information to me years ago.
• Raw fruits and vegetables are not the only foods I eat, but they are the number one food I eat.
• I stopped consuming to much cooked food and started eating fresh organic fruits and vegetables in a variety of ways.
• Eating eighty percent raw food and twenty percent cooked food was one of the ways I achieved reclaiming my health and preventing disease.

Health Recommendations:
• In order to reclaim your health from sickness and disease an 80/20 raw food and cooked food, plant based diet will provide you with high levels of nutrition necessary to assist your body in the healing process.
• In order to sustain your health a 70/30 raw food and cooked food, plant based diet will provide you with high levels of nutrition necessary to assist your body in sustaining health.
• Just to get started a 50/50 raw food and cooked food, plant based diet will help you to transition from unhealthy foods into wonderful nutritious food.
• Look for details of eating raw fruits and vegetables in their most natural state and their benefits on my blog, coming soon. • Here is one of my favorite recipes I created to get you started.

Apple Salad
8 Fugi or Gala apples washed
4 stalks of celery
½ cup walnuts
½ cup organic raisins
½ cup Vegenaise (can be purchased at Basha’s or Sprouts in refrigerator section)
Cut your apples into cube size
Dice celery
Walnuts should be cut into medium size pieces
Mix all ingredients in large bowl and serve chilled.
To chill salad quickly put apple salad in a large zip lock bag and place in freezer for ten minutes then transfer it to the fridge until served.

Helpful Hints:
Fugi apples are the sweetest apples to make this salad with.
If you are not able to purchase organic apples wash them in a hydrogen peroxide soak.
Hydrogen peroxide wash: cover apples with water in your sink and add 1 TBS. HP set a timer to 15 minutes and scrub apples with a vegetable scrubber.  Let apples sit in HP for the 15 minutes then drain.  Cover apples with water and rinse for additional 15 minutes.  You may wash them this way anywhere from 5-15 minutes.