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Recently I was given the opportunity to tell my story of reclaiming my health through faith and nutrition on the radio show “Pathway to Wisdom.” The show airs on KXXT 1010 AM on Family Values Radio every Friday afternoon at 2:30 p.m. Mr. Pete Peterson and his wife Deborah Brown the host and hostess of “Pathway to Wisdom” known as Boomer and the Babe generously walked back in time with me to hear the details of the beginning, the middle and the end of my years of chronic illness. They were more than gracious to gift me with the entire ninety-minutes of their program; they were genuinely interested in my personal suffering and Simple Health Ministries. I left the radio station absolutely satisfied with the work we had done in getting the message of health and wellness out to the listeners of “Pathway to Wisdom.” I continue to tell my story in whatever form I can tell it, first that it might bring hope to the hopeless and second that it may demonstrate to any one who is on their own journey to reclaiming their health, tangible things that they can do to assist their own body in the healing process.

I want to thank Mr. Pete Peterson and Deborah Brown for having me on their program. I enjoyed experiencing their passion, their relationship and Pathway to Wisdom.

This month I thought it good to detail some of the things I made mentioned on the program that contributed to the success of reclaiming my health after living with twelve years of chronic illness and a breast cancer diagnosis.

One of the wisest things you can do in your process of reclaiming your health and preventing disease is to integrate the expertise of a Naturopath doctor along with whatever other things you may be doing, in your journey. Here is my simple attempt to answer the common question: Why?

Medical doctors study medicine and apply their medical expertise to the body’s natural healing process. Much medical research has been done to understand the workings of disease and how to treat it.

Naturopath doctors study the human body and how to assist it with natural medicine derived from natural sources. Naturopathic research focuses on the workings of health and wellness rather than sickness and disease and how to assist the body’s immune system in its own healing process.

I have experienced both the medical and the Naturopathic worlds in my own journey to reclaiming my health and preventing disease and have clearly seen the contrast between the two of them. Each with their own strengths and weaknesses, each with their own bias and each with their own successes and failures make up two different contributions to reclaiming your health and preventing disease. When you are in the middle of a health crisis you need all the help you can get. Never underestimate the power of including a Naturopath doctor to your journey of reclaiming your health and preventing disease.

The following valuable information will guide you through the process as you consider involving a Naturopath doctor in your personal pursuit of reclaiming your health and preventing disease.

What to do:
Searching for a Naturopath is easier today than it has ever been. A good place to start is to talk with friends and family, and people who have a history of being health conscience and have a good relationship with a Naturopath.

Another place to consider receiving information on the Naturopath doctors in your community is your local health stores, and health food stores. They often network with other natural health care providers through seminars offered in their stores.

The internet is certainly a wealth of resource when it comes to searching for information on a Naturopath or any health and wellness provider. I tend to lean more towards referrals from some one who has had a good experience with a particular individual rather than scanning through a list of names I know little about. Still don’t count the internet out; of course there is so much to gain from the blogs, web sites, etc.

Another source of information on finding a Naturopath would be your health insurance provider. They may have a list of Naturopaths they refer their clients to, if they do it is usually very limited. I would still gather information from them.

An important critical health thinking skill to remember when searching for a Naturopath is: there is no one product out on the market today or book, media, testimony, doctor, nutritionist or Naturopath that can promise you health and wellness. Rather it is a series of smart choices, resources and health providers that together can make all the difference in your own personal pursuit of reclaiming your health and preventing disease.

Once you have found a Naturopath doctor, I recommend the following:
Make sure you do your home work and find out what his consultation fees are.
Remember that most Alternative doctors are not covered by your health insurance. It would be wise to first contact your insurance to see if they cover any Alternative care such as a Naturopath or any other health and wellness provider.

Most people I talk too are not oppose to seeing a Naturopath doctor. The number one reason they usually do not consider them is because of the out of pocket cost. However I recommend that you at least spend the time and money to have a consultation with a Naturopath just to explore what other options you have in your journey to reclaiming your health and preventing disease.

During your visit with your Naturopath
These are tangible things that you can do to have the best and most informative experience during your consultation with your Naturopath doctor.

Take any of your most recent test results from your medical doctor with you.

Be on time.

You are just gathering information to assist you in making the best possible decisions about your health care; you don’t have to make any decisions while you are there.

What to take with you
Take a note pad with you. You may not remember all of what you heard if you do not take notes. This is especially necessary and helpful as most health and wellness providers usually keep your credit card on file and will charge for any on the phone consultations you may need after your initial first visit.

One of the most important things to do
I believe one of the most important things you can do to receive the best from your Naturopath is to provide him a short summary of what you have been diagnosed with, what kind of medical care or any other care you have received, and how you are doing as of that day.

Remember not to use up your consultation by telling him your entire story. You only have so much time with him and you must use your time wisely. Personally I chose to select only the facts and then I ask what I believe to be some of the most important questions you can ask the Naturopath doctor. Here they are:
What would you do different?
How would you determine what I need?
Can you estimate some of the initial cost?

Remember not to talk too much
During your visit with the Naturopath doctor remember to keep from monopolizing the time with all the things you want him to know about you. You are there to find out who he is, what he believes would help you, what he would do for you, and whether he is a good fit for you.

Be encouraged
I always like to say that nothing is set in stone. If for some good reason you do not experience a satisfying and successful consultation it may be you might need to visit with the Naturopath doctor one more time before you make your decision.

After you have gathered all of the necessary information from your consultation with your Naturopath it is to your best interest that you should let him or her know that you will be taking all of the information and will call to make another appointment in the near future. Take your information home to think and consider whether you will be continuing to see him/her.

If you should decide that you do not want to return, it is always the right thing to do, to call and let the office management know that you will not be able to return and thank them for the consultation.

Always remember to enter into a relationship with your Naturopath in a position of strength. Here are a few things to help you achieve this:
Respect his or her recommendations
Never expect them to know everything
Thank them for their care
Be honest with him or her if you cannot afford everything they recommend
Decide how much you can invest in your health and let him or her know what that amount is.
Ask them what they believe is the most important thing you should spend your money on while in their care.
Clarify anything you may not understand.

Becky’s recommendation
Dr. Sam Walters from Well Spring Clinic
8070 E. Morgan Trail
Suite 200
Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Office: 480.946.9222
Dr. David Frahm
3620 West Colorado Avenue
Colorado Springs, Co

Including a good Naturopathic doctor in your personal pursuit of reclaiming your health and preventing disease is not only a wise thing to do, it is absolutely necessary to bring you the best of both worlds, medical and Alternative therapies.

I also made reference to what kind of foods I eat and a Christian grass roots ministry called HealthQuarters in Colorado Springs, I recommend, during my interview on “Pathway to Wisdom.” You can go to my blog directory and click products for more information.