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Reusing Blog Posts

Reusing Previously Posted Blogs.

If you are like most bloggers, moving full speed ahead with new blogs is what the focus is.  And YES, google and SEO’s like fresh an new content.  The new fresh blog posts hit the algorithms and help keep your site reliant.

But like so many websites that have years of blog posts,  why not refresh your site with previously posted content that is sitting somewhat dormant on your website.

For example, A couple of years ago one of the expert contributors wrote a story about a World Famous Designer Billy Travilla and how he worked so closely with Marilyn Monroe. At one point the dresses were being auctioned and Debbie Reynolds purchased some of the iconic designs. With Debbie’s passing I was able to re-share this bit of history by changing the posted date on my WordPress website to the current date.


I know you have said it. When you hear something on the news or a conversation with a friend, I wrote a blog about that. Take the opportunity:

Add a new beginning paragraph to let readers know that you have information about the subject.
New key words that make it reliant as a current story.
Hyperlinks: Search engines love them. Add any new reference links to the story.

Not only will you be re-using your blog, but you will be saving time in re-writing a whole new story. Refreshing your site with previously written blogs can help propel you as an expert, with knowledge that can be converted into new clients!

It’s OK. Go ahead and dig through those old blog posts and see what you can reuse!


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