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Big Arc

The Big Arc
By Pat Simmons PGA
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Pat Simmons PGA
Position One

These picture show how to get a big arc by just moving the right shoulder back on your back-swing rather than concentrating on taking the left

If you push the left shoulder back you will cause your shoulders to to form a U shape as seen in picture one….by swinging the right shoulder back, the left shoulder will follow creating an effortless huge arc for a smooth power.

Pat Simmons PGA

Position Two


Meet Pat Simmons

You may not know Pat Simmons’ name, but if you’re a golfer, you know of several of his inventions. In addition to being a prolific golf club designer and inventor of innumerable gadgets and gizmos, Pat has led a fascinating life, as you can see by a brief look at a summary of his biography.


  • Titanalloy shaft, titanium insert, ceramic insert.
  • Tiger Shark fairway wood (first low profile, low center-of-gravity wood)
  • Tiger Shark putters
  • Tiger Shark irons, Tiger Shark woods and Tiger Shark utility clubs
  • Attila sand wedge
  • Sand Shark
  • Great White putter, Great White irons and Great White woods
  • Hammer Head putter
  • Piranha woods and irons
  • Designed the Zebra putter for Dave Taylor who created the Zebra concept
  • Tourshot QL woods, irons and utility clubs
  • Alien wedges, Alien woods, and Alien irons
  • Pat Simmons Golf Ultimate Driver System

Professional Golfer

  • Played part-time on the US, European and Japanese Tours from 1963 through 1991
  •  Head Golf Professional – Crystalaire Country Club, Camelot Golf Course, Emerald Forest Golf Club, Rancho Desert Aire Golf Club


  • Partner – Findley Construction Co.
  • Owner – Bellflower Electric Co., Inc. – heavy equipment company engaged in roadways, earth moving, drainage control, equipment sales and other engineering projects.
  • V.P. General Manager – Axaline Golf Co., Inc.
  • President – Pat Simmons Golf Co. in (Pat Simmons putters and utility clubs).
  • President – Simmons International (Excalibur, Crown, Merlin and Honeycomb woods, irons, putters and utility clubs).
  • President – Bellflower Engineering Co. division of Simmons International
  • President – Golf Tech Golf Co. division of Simmons International
  • President – Pacific Cascade Tool and Die Co. division of Simmons International
  • President – Simmons Int’l, Canada division of Simmons International
  • Owner – Sigma Golf Co., Inc. which did design, tooling and manufacturing for more than twenty other golf companies and distributors including Wilson, Hogan, Lynx, Ryder, Mizuno, Hillerich and Bradsby
  • Owner – Simmons Arabian ranches
  • Owner – The Golf Factory (retail golf stores)
  • Owner – Tourshot Golf Co., Inc. (QL woods, irons and utility clubs, the Alien line)
  • Executive Vice President R&D – Alien (retired in October 2000)
  • Partner – Simmons Design Group, Ltd. was established in June 2001 with son Mark for the purpose of design, engineering, tooling and consulting in the golf club and related golf industry business.?Partner – Pat Simmons Golf, LLC, was established in 2003 with Larry Bjore, PGA Professional

Professional Baseball Player

  • Signed with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1951, played in their minor league system Bisbee-Douglas class C, and one year class A Spokane in 1952.
  • US Navy two seasons. Inter service All Stars, NBC, All American. While in the Navy sold to Philadelphia Phillies. Syracuse Class AAA 1954.
  • Pat’s hobbies include flying (he has a multi-engine rating), scuba diving, and shooting (he was a Lieutenant and Range Master-Instructor in the Palos Verdes Estates Police Department)
  • Attended University of Oregon
  • Widowed with a son Mark and daughter Pam.