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RAW AZ Nevada Stop

DeYoung PhotographyWe left off last month driving from the International Car Forest on our way to Bodie California to shoot some pictures in one of the best preserved abandoned mining towns in the United States.

While on the way we drove through a remote part of Nevada. Actually, almost everywhere we drove was remote, but that’s neither here nor there. We had been driving for just over an hour and a half and hadn’t seen any other cars on the road at all.

We got to a point where we couldn’t see anything resembling civilization. No lights from houses or businesses. No billboards. Nothing but a full moon, the road and a plain surrounded by mountains. There hadn’t been a car for almost a hundred miles. We pulled to the side of the road and turned off our lights.

The Moon looked bigger than normal and it was dead silent. We didn’t even hear any animals.
The only thing around us was a huge plain full of creosote bushes completely surrounded by mountains on every side. The mountains glowed in the DeYoung Photographybright moonlight and the smell of the creosotes was woodsy and clean like that first day you bring home a new, live Christmas tree.

The three of us just stood out in the middle of the road and soaked it all in without anything at all to distract us from the beauty of the night sky and the peacefulness of a few moments spent in an environment where there is absolutely nothing happening. There is nothing like experiencing that kind of total serenity.

DeYoung PhotographyIt was so great to spend a special moment like that with a couple of fantastic friends. Sometimes life needs to be more like that little moment in a quiet valley in the middle of nowhere. Nothing other than life happening and sharing it with some important people.

Bodie was kind of a bust for us this go around. Neither one of us got many pictures that we liked, although we included a few with this article. Sometimes that happens. We can’t always hit home runs. It was still a great experience and we did get some pictures along with a couple hours of much needed sleep.

Next stop – the former military base turned minimum security prison of Boron California.

Matthew DeYoung & Justin Swartzentruber