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Behind Every Intention

Behind Every Intention There is a Dream

Nassim SanaIs it true that behind every intention there is a dream? If you observe you can see that children have an easy time dreaming up a grand future for themselves. If you ask them, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” They quickly will answer, “I want to be a doctor, ballerina, or an astronaut.” However when we grow up we begin to form more fears, thoughts, emotions and memories that dull our deepest desires. Intention is the starting point to our dreams and desires of what we want to create.

Everything we do starts from intention. Our intentions have the power to create and change our world. One can define intention as the projection of awareness, with purpose and value toward some object or outcome. Every day we create new intentions and we may not be aware of the results that we are creating. Most of the time when something good happens to us we may say, “It’s my lucky day.” Is it your lucky day or did your mind create that outcome? While driving to work have you ever thought today, “I’m going to get a great parking space,” and that actually happens? Our mind is a powerful tool; we can condition it to create new possibilities or it can limit and hinder us. Dr. Wayne Dyer explains it this way, “Change your thoughts change your life.” We have the power to bring our desires and goals into reality.

Studies have shown that intention produces the same reaction in the brain as action. If you imagine yourself swimming, your brain will send signals to the muscles involved in swimming. You can simply strengthen your muscles by imagining it. Another research by PEAR laboratory at Princeton University ran studies on how people can influence the output of machines known as random-event generators (REGs). This machine is the computerized version of the coin toss (output 50% heads and 50% tails). The results from the research reported that subjects can influence the machines to produce output slanted in the intended direction.

How can we begin to condition our mind? Here are simple steps you can take to help you practice the power of intention. First step is to create sacred space to help boost the power of your intentions. This space can be a place where you have meaningful items or it can be created in your mind. Then you want to clear away all the mental clutter so you can access your inner power. One way to achieve this is through meditation and deep breathing. When you begin to create your intention it is important to think in a positive way. For example instead of saying, “I will not eat fattening foods,” say “I choose healthy foods that nourish my body.” You want your mind to focus on healthy foods, and this will help you succeed. Now that you have your intention set, it is important to imagine it in an infinite field of possibilities. Continue rehearsing it in your mind as if you have already achieved what you want. It is important to put aside any fears or doubts you have and don’t be attached to the outcome. Let go of the need to control the process; it will unfold in the right time and in the perfect way. Remember, when you plant seeds in your garden, take all the important steps to create a healthy beautiful garden, and nourish it to grow into what it is meant to grow into.

Nassim Sana, Masters in Counseling and Certified Life Coach (Beauty in Truth Life Coaching LLC.)
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