Nassim Sana, MC

Beauty in Truth Life Coaching

Beauty  In Truth Beauty in Truth Life Coaching

Nassim Sana is the owner and sole practitioner of Beauty in Truth Life Coaching, LLC. She is a Certified Life Coach and has her Masters in Counseling, Bachelors in Psychology, and Minor in Religious Studies. For the past 16 years, her mission has been to empower women more so they can create new possibilities for themselves. Nassim believes that the more women embrace their strengths and feel enabled, the more they will be able to utilize their skills, knowledge, and experience to create an amazing tomorrow.

Nassim’s specialties include empowerment, self-esteem, positive self-image, and living in the now. Beauty in Truth Life Coaching LLC specializes in coaching women to be more empowered and transformed to their full potential in all areas of life. “I believe that each of us as women has the wisdom and power within us to make our life be what we want it to be.” Nassim coaches the whole person. Each meeting is tailored to your specific needs and to meet your specific goals so that you can create the possibilities you have always wanted; and she meets her clients where they are at mentally and emotionally. “I believe you deserve the life you want.” Nassim provides services for individuals, institutions, businesses and corporations. “I am dedicated in helping clients create success from the inside out.”

For the past seven years Nassim has helped countless number of women to discover and embrace their strengths through attending her positive thinking groups, and individual coaching sessions. Nassim loves investing her time speaking at various conferences and teaching about how to live in the now. She has also provided companywide training on cultural competency regarding issues like how to create more awareness towards the Middle Eastern cultures. Nassim has been a speaker for Southwest Behavioral Health Services, Microsoft Women in Business, Hamzaban Foundation, Persian American Women of Arizona and the Grand Canyon Baha’i Conference 2011 and 2013.

In 2012 she created successfully created Beauty in You Women’s Day Workshop. In the past two years the workshops mission has been to more enrich and empower women. Beauty in You Workshop has also presented Tahirih award to outstanding woman in the community. Nassim believes in being a contribution to her community. For the past two years she has been a contributor to various magazines and newspapers in the valley and Living Magazine and has been aired on radio shows. She continues to work on many new and exciting projects!
In her next article for the Discover she will be exploring why it is easy for us to get stuck in our mind and view ourselves in a negative way. Our experiences do not define who we are; our experiences enrich us and are unique additions in our tool box. She always expresses to everyone, “what would your life look like if you weren’t in the way of your dreams.”