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Our bodies are designed for movement.  Movement stimulates circulation, muscle and nerve activity.  Body activity allows for adaptation, we associate movement with life.  Modern life and technology has limited our physical movement.  Life has become more sedentary.  Prolonged periods of sitting and reduced movement have a negative effect on our health and shorten life span.  Headlines have proclaimed that sitting is the new smoking due to the global effect on people’s health.  What are the effects of sitting on our bodies?  How can we utilize physical activity to improve?

Dr Bret Wilson

It is estimated the average American sits up to nine or more hours per day.  We sit in cars, at work and in school.  We sit and watch too much TV.  A study examined the relationship between the number of daily TV viewing and mortality.  Watching television for 8 or more hours a day increased risk of death by 61% compared to watching less than 1 hour per day.  Obese people sit 2-3 hours more per day than thin people. Consider the added time spent during work, school or leisure time spent sitting and using a computer or other screen devises.   Sitting more increases risk of diabetes, cancer and depression.  The development of arthritis and disc degeneration increases with sitting more and moving less.

Increased movement, physical activity and exercise improve health and reduce the risk of disease.  People with active lifestyles have more energy, better focus and improved mental health.  Students who have physical activity as part of their school day learn more and do better on tests.    Many diseases respond to exercise as treatment; the body heals itself when stimulated to perform.  Stasis leads to deterioration and more disease.  Pain is reduced with exercise, mood is increased with activity, and the body’s immune response is stimulated with movement.  Dr Roger Sperry, Nobel Prize recipient, states,”90% of the stimulation and nutrition of the brain is provided by movement of the spine.”

Make a plan to increase movement and reduce sitting in your daily life.  Set a goal to exercise 30 minutes per day.  This can be a simple walk.  Park farther away from the door and get some steps in.  Take a walk at lunch, or walk somewhere to have lunch.  Walk to the store instead of driving.  Walk to talk to a friend face to face rather than a phone call or text.  Make a standing work station to use the computer or work on paperwork.  Take movement breaks from computer time, binge watching Netflix and prolonged drives.  Walk and talk with a colleague rather than sitting over coffee.  Stand while talking on the phone.   Incorporate more movement to improve your productivity, energy, mood and health.

We can all benefit from more physical activity.  Make the healthy choice to move more and sit less.  Be creative in the methods and habits you can develop to stimulate your brain, muscles, heart and immune system with movement. Move, play, live.  A healthier, happier you will result.

Yours in Health


Dr. Bret Wilson

Dr. Bret Wilson wants you to move, play and live free from neck and back pain.  For more information about chiropractic, posture, exercise, and how to make better choices about your health visit our website www.bellwestchiro.com.  Find a chiropractor in your area to help you with safe and effective health care.  http://www.acatoday.org/Find-a-Doctor

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