Photo by Matt DeYoung

Matthew and Justin RAW AZ

Matthew DeYoung and Justin Swartzentruber RAW AZ

DeYoung PhotographyMatt DeYoung and Justin Swartzentruber are a couple of adventure photographers who started working together in early 2013. Their motto “Risk Takers Rule the World” has taken them all around the southwest and occasionally further in order to photograph interesting and eye catching locales. Climbing, crawling and swimming are the typical order of the day when out collecting shots with Matt and Justin.

Matt started his photography career in High School. His passion for it fueled by his father and grandfather who were both avid photographers. Matt continued his pursuit of the art at ASU and still to this day consistently educates himself by keeping up with industry trends and cutting edge artists.

Justin was introduced to photography by Matt and quickly developed his skills by accompanying Matt on shoots and various projects.  Justin has since found his particular tastes and favorite styles of photography.

If you’re ever out and about in the southwestern U. S. and see a couple of guys running around at night shining flashlights or swinging burning steel wool on the end of a rope with cameras set up you probably stumbled upon these two out enjoying their favorite craft.