Love is Love No Matter Race, Religion or Gender

Love is love: no matter what race, religion or gender

Eboni LaceyI don’t understand why people get so squeamish seeing two people kiss. It’s pretty easy to just look the other way if it “offends” you or makes you “uncomfortable.” But, how is it that what someone else does makes that much of an impact on you?

In the 50’s, many people couldn’t stand to be in the same room with an inter-racial couple. Now, in 2015, lesbian and gay couples typically don’t display much affection at all, simple because of what other people say and how people react. I don’t blame them – I wouldn’t want to be stared at either.

People simply don’t understand love, unless it’s the type of love that they are used to seeing. Since humans fall victim to habit, sometimes things that we don’t see often make us feel weird because we simply don’t know how to interpret it.

Think about how different all of our lives would be if we had parents that were two different races, two different religions or the same gender. Our whole definition of love would change. We would be more open-minded and understanding. We would be able to see the true power of love, and that love can conquer all, from the weird stares and whispers to being disowned by your family. Love can prevail through anything.

The media has done a decent job with showing bi-racial and same-sex couples on television, but for some reason, it hasn’t trickled over into advertising. For some reason, in ads and commercials, straight couples and same-racial couples seem to be more relatable. However, TV shows are starting to feature more bi-racial and same-sex couples, and showing us that pure attraction and love.

Our eyes stayed glued to the television when we see Olivia Pope and Fitz in a steamy, sex scene. Scandal does an amazing job in keeping a story line so interesting, that you forget you’re looking at a black woman and a white man. Or even when we saw Cyrus crying when his husband died. Millions of Americans cried too, without even thinking that his husband was indeed a husband, meaning a man.

If shows like Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, and Modern Family can show bi-racial and same sex couples and still have millions of viewers, then why can’t these same couples be shown in real life?

I salute these couples and humbly ask that they stop caring about what other people think and show the world how they love each other. Hold hands, kiss, make out; act like any other couple would. Talk about your relationship just like everyone else. That’s the only way that people are going to understand.

People need to see your love so they can relate to it. Do not be discouraged or embarrassed. Sure, some people will insult you as they are stuck in their own ignorance.  But others will applaud your bravery and they will understand they you are just trying to be yourself.

And for The Identity of She, we want to support you! Show us your love so that we can help defend it. If you are a same-sex, bi-racial, and inter-faith couple, tag us in your Instagram photos with #theidentityoflove. We will feature them all in a special place on our website.