It’s Time To Celebrate!

It’s Time To Celebrate!

March is a special month for me, it’s filled with birthday celebrations and beginning of a new year. In case you’re wondering, I also celebrate the Persian New year which is the first day of spring it usually falls on March 21st. While I was thinking about the excitement that’s surrounding me this month, it dawned on me why do we always need a special reason to celebrate life? Don’t you agree? Our daily lives can be so hectic and mundane that spicing things up and bringing more laughter in it can liven every experience around us. I’m here to let you in on a secret by adding more excitement and positive emotional events in your life you will increase your immune system.  According to Harvard University People who are happy, lively and calm have better immune systems. One study saw nasal drops of the cold and flu virus given to 193 people between the ages of 21 and 55 and discovered that those who were happier and more positive (defined as a positive emotional style) got less sick and recovered faster.

Some of my readers may be thinking, this is great information but I’m busy I don’t have time to add one more thing to my list. You’re absolutely right, we are all busy and on the go, and the tips I’m suggesting are simple and fun, it wouldn’t take away any extra time or money from you, I promise you that. However before I share with you 4 simple suggestions you need to remember two things.

  1. Let go of any judgment you have of yourself and allow yourself to be silly
  2. Start practicing the tips, at least, tree times a month so it starts to become part your life. Yes, it’s the old saying practice till it becomes you.

Nassim SanaI know trying something new isn’t always so easy, and having every day look the same isn’t fun or healthy either. After you have decided to let go of your own judgment and that it is ok for you to be silly.

  1.  Then I want you to think of four things that bring a big smile on your face.
    My four things are anything chocolate,music, dancing, and the outdoors.
  2. Next steps are, ask yourselves how often do I do those four things that are on my on my list?
  3. Then decide how often am I willing have those things in my life?
  4.  Last step, just do it. For example, I always have some kind of chocolate in home, my music is always on especially after work, and dancing to my music is a must, at least, couple times a week. It can be simple and easy to celebrate and bring more joy into your lives. I want you to know, I do make a conscious effort to make sure I bring more joy into my life, it doesn’t happen without the desire to make it happen.

My last tip is don’t wait to have an excuse to have fun, trust me you deserve to have a big smile on your face every day.   Most of all don’t ever wait for anyone to give you a reason to celebrate. Every day you can find something to be happy about and create an excuse to celebrate you and your loved ones. My request is, bring more joy into your life, and the best part is you don’t need anyone’s permission to do it.