Clarissa Burt

Designer Pierre Balmain

Designer Pierre Balmain
“In Clarissa’s Closet”
By Clarissa Burt and Madeline Ulivieri

Clarissa BurtPeople say, “All good things must come to an end.” It’s a common phrase that applies to many things, including this summer and the looming fall season; but, this ever so popular phrase need not apply to your upcoming wardrobe. The fall pallet has bursts of bright summer colors, to give your wardrobe that unexpected pop! Take a peak in my closet for some of my fall tricks and treats to help freshen up your wardrobe.

At this Fall’s fashion week, detail was a major theme for all outfits, and it is truly a great way to turn an ordinary outfit into an extraordinary one. Details can mean a multitude of things, but when it comes to fashion, they are embellishments for your outfit, which have been seen on several designers’ runways this fall. Studs, lace, and embroidery, all of them are details that can easily transform your look.

These Steve Madden pumps are perfect for sprucing up any outfit, especially if you’re feeling a bit outgoing.  The studs on the tip of the heel are a daring detail that is perfect for an evening out on the town, and are just the right embellishment to show you mean business!

This sling bag is perfect for day and night time wear and, with the size just right to fit all your essentials within. This bag’s bright neon pink color brings that perfect pop to your outfit without being too obnoxious, you will absolutely adore it!

Designer Pierre Balmain, has done it again this season with careful attention to detail in all of his pieces. This skirt may be a bit excessive for everyday wear, but he does not miss a beat when it comes to embellishment and knowing how to dress a woman to standout in a crowd rather than just blending in.

Lace, lace, and more lace! Did I mention that I love lace? Lace is one of my favorite detail oriented fabrics seen on this falls runway. It is feminine and seductive. Lace’s intricate design is a perfect way to add detail to any outfit this fall. This dress designed by, Diane Von Furstenberg, has the perfect amount of sheer lace on the sleeves making this dress a winner in my closet.

As fall draws near, we sadly put away our swimsuits and flip -flops and pull out our sweaters and boots. These leather boots by “Everybody” have flower leather cut out detailing. The flowers help make the perfect transition from summer to fall.