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Celebrate Mother’s Day

Celebrate Mother’s Day

Clarissa Burt 1I want to switch it up a bit this month and not focus on what is in my closet but what can be in your Mother’s. The month of May is filled with blooming flowers, sunshine, and of course the celebration of our mothers.  Mother’s Day is one of the most important holidays in my opinion. Where would society be without these women? Mother’s teach us so much, from table manners to how to love.  Your mom will always be your biggest supporter and always knows how to make things right. So do your mother right, and celebrate her this month.  I have found some great finds that are sure to help your mother feel appreciated and loved.

What woman doesn’t love receiving jewelry? This month get your mom something more meaningful than the typical trinket with Camille Cesari’s Loveprint Jewelry. Camille has been taking engraved jewelry to a whole other level since 2004 when she began experimenting with wax prints and metals. Her company, Loveprint is able to take your fingerprint and impress it into find jewelry of your choice. Your mother will forever have a treasured keepsake of her daughter with her at all times. She will not only be wearing a one of a kind necklace or bracelet but you can customize it even further  by having it engraved, or adding  precious stones, birthstones, and metals to the piece. It is truly an original work of art.

Mother’s are constantly on their phones these days whether it be coordinating carpooling or snapping pictures of their children at their soccer game. Cell phones have become an essential part of a mother’s daily life and can be considered an accessory just like their purse or wallet. allows you to create and customize your own cell phone case with your choice of colors, patterns, or even personal photos.  If creativity and design are not your forte, no worries, Casemate also has a wide variety of cell phone cases to choose from. My personal favorite is the tortoiseshell case. This style is hand painted so its design remains faithful to its character, where no two animals are alike. Cases are available for several different cell phone devices, kindles, and iPads.

Mom’s need plenty of energy throughout their day and their morning coffee ritual tends to be the start of their daily routine. Break the monotony and get your mother fruit infused coffee. INOholics delivers excitement and adventure in their unexpected cup of Joe. They come in four different fantastic flavors, one of them being “Smack On My Lips Strawberry Kiss.” How fun? No better way to mix up your mother’s morning, while providing her the energy she needs.

Sit back and relax, Acorn slippers have your feet covered. The Novella slipper gives the classic household shoe a modern twist and with its embroidered prints, fun colors, and burst of personality. These slippers are complete with comfort cushions, padded arch support, are waterproof, and non-slip.  So forget your troubles and slide into these slippers that are almost as tough as you are Mom.

Let your mom indulge in more way than one on her special day. DeLafée crafts luxury Swiss made chocolates, with a twist. These decadent truffles are made of edible 24 karat gold flakes and cru chocolate all the way from Ecuador. DeLafée’s rich temptations are a little piece of heaven so give mom what she deserves and pick up a box of them this Mother’s Day.

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