Harvest Health. Harvest Life.

Harvest Health. Harvest Life.
By Bradley Marschke
2016 Best Of


Harvest of Tempe
710 W Elliot Rd #102
Tempe, Az 85284

Holistic medicine is not a new trend by any stretch of the imagination. For thousands of years, cultures around the world have utilized what modern Americans refer to as “alternative methods.” As society continues to modernize, people are beginning to realize that older, more natural methods are viable treatment options, and are often very effective. Harvest of Tempe offers one such natural remedy: medical marijuana.

Harvest of Tempe is an attractive, modern, and clean medical marijuana dispensary that is dedicated to patient education and community outreach. Employing nearly 50 employees, Harvest doesn’t simply provide medicine, and it is certainly not a stereotypical dispensary. Instead, Harvest strives to be a professional healing family, providing educational materials and seminars, new patient orientations, support groups, and personal one-on-one time with their Medical Director. They don’t just provide medicine; they ensure each patient is comfortable and receives the best help available.

“After the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act passed three years ago,” says Outreach Coordinator, David Grandon, “Harvest of Tempe saw the need for an ethically responsible, patient-oriented business.” It’s true that the stigma around medical marijuana still exists, but Harvest of Tempe transcends negativity with education, outreach, and continuously satisfying the medical needs of their patients. Harvest of Tempe has been awarded best dispensary by readers of Phoenix Magazine two years in a row, was recently named the best dispensary by Phoenix New Times, and holds multiple accolades for their quality products.

Harvest of Tempe is not only proud to be a local, valley business, but also to be affiliated with great non-profits. For instance, they work with Harvesting Hope, which hosts support groups for families that are affected by illness and raises money for patients in need. They also work with the Epilepsy Foundation to give affected children the opportunity to experience Camp Candlelight, a summer camp. In fact, David himself even volunteers as a counselor.

Visit their website, www.harvestoftempe.com, to view their wide array of products, services, patient testimonials, and some of the latest accredited medical and scientific research. They offer smokable products, edibles, topicals, and different types of medical apparatuses, and its all local. Harvest of Tempe also offers their patients a convenient and easy to use rewards program. They truly are the best of the valley.