In the Face of Tragedy Continue to Celebrate Life

In the Face of Tragedy Continue to Celebrate Life



Nassim Sana MCWith Saturday night’s horrific events that took place in Orlando Florida, I have been truly heartbroken and saddened. I keep thinking our respect and love for humanity is diminishing and soon if we continue to destroy one another we can become extinct as a species. In the past day and a half I have been talking to my friends about how every couple of months we continue to be faced with some sort of tragedy and if that’s not bad enough the media keeps giving more coverage on topics that seem to promote division, discrimination, and fueling the fire of prejudices that we continue to ignore. Never mind the pressures we are faced within our societies, communities, and families. It’s understandable to feel down and discouraged, it’s understandable to feel a lack of support and faith we once had in humanity.

However, I believe it’s time to put our feelings aside for a minute and think about how we can bring for unity, kindness and togetherness back in our communities, neighborhoods, and families. The best way to combat tragedy it to give it TLC, that’s right tender, love and care. I’m not alone who thinks this way, I was listening to my favorite morning show (The Elvis Duran and the Morning Show) that plays out of NYC, and they were sharing their views on how they are choosing to contribute to their community. One of the things they shared really stood out to me, that the members of the show were walking the streets of NYC and giving smiles to people, saying hello, and showing kindness to the pedestrians pets. It’s the small acts of kindness that will bring us together and make us stronger as a community. I’m not saying acts of kindness will prevent us from experiencing tragedy, but it will give us more strength and a feeling of stability.

Before I give tips on how to increase kindness and love in our communities and our lives let’s look at the research and statistics behind being kind.  According to WEB MD, there was a study conducted in recently liking kindness to one’s health. When a team of Cornell University researchers began following 427 married women with children. Those women who volunteered more in there communities lived healthier lives with less major illness.  Statistics showed 52% of those who did not volunteer had experienced a major illness, compared with 36% who did volunteer.

In his book Meaning & Medicine (Bantam Books, 1991), Dr. Larry Dossey tells us, “Altruism behaves like a miracle drug … It has beneficial effects on the person doing the helping…; it benefits the person to whom the help is directed, and it can stimulate healthy responses in persons at a distance who may view it only obliquely.”

Scientific studies demonstrate the positive effects of kindness on health, including an increase in energy and longevity, stress and pain reduction, a healthier cardiovascular system, plus inner peace and overall happiness. So in other words, when you do something kind for someone, you and everyone around you reap the rewards.

Here are your tips on increasing acts of kindness

  1. Give a Smile and a compliment: give a smile to your neighbor, your grocer, barista, waiter or waitress the person who helps you and strangers when your walking on the street.
  2. Show kindness: volunteer your time in the community at least one hour a month. This could be giving your time to your church, local soup kitchen, shelter or helping our family members, friends, coworkers or neighbors.  You can also create a food drive for a needed family and donate clean unwanted items to shelters.
  3. Celebrate life every day: every morning wakeup, think of one gratitude and tell a loved one what you’re grateful for. When your loved one hears what you’re grateful for, that will encourage them to notice the happy things in their life too. Call a friend and tell them you miss them and in what ways they light up your life.
  4. Live life for today: live your life in the now, stop and smell the roses.  Bring those around you joy, call and text your loved ones every day with good morning and happy face. If someone does something nice for you don’t forget to say thank you and how much you appreciate them. Notice the small acts of kindness around you and take it all in.

We experience so much every day, the important thing is how we choose to deal with them and overcome them the best way we know how. Every day remind your self despite the hardship you ae here now and your voice, laughter, smile and energy makes the world of difference to those who know you and don’t know you. Always remember I’m here to remind you, you are amazing despite it all.  Your Coach Nassim