Dr Bret Wilson

Electromagnetic Fields

 Are you sensitive to electromagnetic fields?
By Dr Bret

Dr Bret WilsonHuman beings are constantly responding to their environment.  We protect ourselves against extremes of hot, cold, wind, noise, sun and toxic fumes.  We modify our clothing, activity level and behavior to stay healthy and be more comfortable.  Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are common in our homes, offices, vehicles, frequently part of our environment that the body has to respond to.  You cannot see or smell EMF, but your body knows they are there.  In fact your body has an electromagnetic field of its own.  Sometimes and in some people, the effects of the environmental EMF is too much for the body to adapt to and the person begins to experience symptoms of fatigue, stiffness, pains, and stress.  These are common symptoms, but not often associated with sensitivity to EMF.  Extreme examples may include the increase in brain tumors and the use of cell phones, or increased cancer rates in people living under power lines.  An article about EMF and health can be found at http://www.direct.ca/trinity/elf.html .

What are the common devices in our environment that expose us to EMF?

We are surrounded by them in our modern techno society.  Television screens, computers, cell phones, household appliances, hair dryers, fluorescent lighting, electrical wiring are just a few of the potential sources.  The low grade electromagnetic field that surrounds the device interacts with the electromagnetic field that is our body.  Most of these devices produce negatively charged ions, we need additional positive ions to balance out the charge or make it neutral.

Balancing your Ionic Field

There is no consensus about safe energy levels of EMFs.   EMFs are difficult to measure and we cannot detect them with our 5 senses.  What can we do to minimize the potential health hazards of EMFs and balance our positive and negative ions?

Several years ago, Professor M. Granger Morgan of Carnegie Mellon University offered a simple proposal: practice prudent avoidance. Dr Morgan said we should avoid unnecessary exposure to EMFs as a common-sense response to potential–but not yet proven–health hazards. He didn’t suggest that we all abandon our electric appliances and go off to live in the woods in cabins without electricity, but he did suggest that we minimize exposure to EMFs when it’s practical to do so.

An article of suggestions can be found at http://www.arrl.org/news/rfsafety/wo9404.html.

It is my assessment that cell phones, computers and televisions are the 3 most common sources of EMF we encounter on a daily basis.  Prudent avoidance of these devices includes not constantly carrying your cell phone on your body, especially with a wireless earpiece on constantly.  Move the computer and monitor away from wear you sit to use the computer, at least 24 inches.  Don’t take the term laptop so literal.  Avoid sitting too close to the television, or sleeping on the opposite side of a wall that the TV is on the other side of.  Keep in mind that all these devices are projecting an EMF even when not turned on.

The Ionic Necklace

The other option in addition to prudent avoidance is the use of ionic devices, usually in the form of a necklace, bracelet or patch.  The device emits a field of positive ions, helping to balance out the negative ions we are exposed to.   One option is the Ionic necklace from Titan Promotions and Brett Brothers available at All About Sports (insert web link).  You may have noticed the braided rope necklace around the neck of baseball players.  The necklace was particular common on the Asian players in the World Baseball Classic.  Simply wear the necklace around your neck and go about your daily activity.  Some people notice a difference almost immediately, for others it is a more subtle benefit over a longer period of time.  I have been wearing one for about one month. I note a reduction in stress and neck tension while sitting at my computer and I sleep better.

The issue of electromagnetic fields and your health is a controversial issue.  This article is not intended as a substitute for proper medical care or advice.  Do your own research and make up your own mind.  Perhaps an awareness of EMF and the modifications you can make to limit the possible effect on your health will be a benefit to you.

Bret Wilson, DC