Don’t Be Fooled by the Name

Don’t Be Fooled by the Name; U.S. Hemp Soap
By Bradley Marschke
2016 Best Of

U.S.Hemp Soap
461 W Apache Trail

The Sonoran Desert is a place of mystical heat and natural arid beauty.

We rely on sunglasses to protect our eyes, but what can we rely on to protect our skin? Our extreme exposure to sun and dry desert air in Arizona can wreak havoc on unprotected dermis, especially after years of exposure. There is a parade of products made with artificial colors, scents and animal bi-products that can offend the sensitive nature of the nose and natural requirements of the skin.

Isn’t there a natural product, made with preservation of nature in mind, that doesn’t offend the nostrils or attract insects while enjoying Arizona’s great outdoors? Look no further, U.S. Hemp Soap has worked to develop their environmentally friendly, healthy, natural product2 since the 1970s.

U.S. Hemp Soap had its unofficial start in 1950 with a young man named Arlin Troutt from Tennessee. Arlin was raised on his great grandmother’s tobacco farm north of Nashville where his family farmed and fabricated many of the things they needed in life. Health, Happiness, Music, Cleanliness and Homemade Soap were high on the list of those needs.
Arlin was blown around in the turbulent winds of the early 1970s and drifted down to the southern edge of the Superstition Mountains here in Arizona to raise a family. Arlin had a passion of natural research and love for living off the land. This led him to the discovery of one of the Sonoran Desert’s great un-industrialized secrets, the Jojoba bean. Jojoba is native to the North American southwest and was no secret to the native communities. Arlin was one of the first people to obtain permits from the U.S. Forest Service to legally cultivate this great plant.

Arlin began cold pressing these Jojoba beans, putting its oil in the crankcase of his cars and trucks, and even putting it on his salads. Eventually Arlin discovered the real secret; he mixed the jojoba oil with aloe and cannabis oils and bathed and conditioned his skin in it. It worked so nicely that all of his family and friends started using his product.

The soap and lotions were amazing and loved because they don’t just feel real they are real. The quality of these real products from forgotten sources and the clear and immediate results of their use led to the official launch of U.S. Hemp Clothing, Oil and Soap etc., in 1991.

Arlin’s son Gilbert Troutt took on the responsibility of keeping U.S. Hemp Soap from becoming a dirty business. Gilbert believes the product is more valuable than the profit and the quality of life is the true bottom line in business; and hold the same values Arlin did back when he first started doing his research.

Each product has a short ingredient list and is all-natural. Each product is homemade with the preservation of this beautiful land in mind. The soaps are handmade in batches of only 144 bars in order to control quality and environmental impact. The natural dry climate that creates such great oil and damage to your skin is also perfect for naturally curing hand-made soaps and skin conditioners. Ironic isn’t it.

Gilbert passed on the opportunity to mass-produce soap and exploit the reputation of U.S. Hemp, but that is not, and never was the goal. Arlin and Gilbert love what they do and they love this land and their product. Like the lable says: Soap is a Dirty Business and it Pays to Read the Label.

“Thank you so much for having such a quality product. I look forward to getting more of your lovely soap! I’m not switching back. I’m going to be going to Pittsburgh to visit my family in March and they’re all getting a bar of your soap,” says one online review at Don’t be fooled by the name, they offer more than just soap, and each product contains a generous amount of the healing oils. All products are made legally, locally, and with the customer and nature in mind. Stay clean, healthy, and moisturized the natural way.