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Young Entrepreneurs Can Help You Find Your Holiday Gifts

By: Clarissa Burt and Madeline Ulivieri

Clarissa BurtThe holiday season is upon us. The Christmas tree is up and the stockings are hung. My mailbox has been filing up with advertisements and I am simply dreading the crowds and lines at the mall.  This season I am really trying to get unique valuable gifts that will have a special meaning. While spending multiple hours perusing through online websites I found an Arizonian local artist’s site that had some of the most fashionably fabulous paintings that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on.

Tanina’s Talent

Tanina Jackson was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona. Ever since she was a young girl she was always a creatively-driven person. She expressed her artistic abilities at a young age. When she was twelve years old her parents recognized her aptitude for art and she began studying under the tutelage of two talented oil painters, Thomas Kutschied and Lloyd Johnson.  During her time as a student she began selling her paintings, and as her skills evolved, she different elements began to inspire her.

After graduating from ASU  with a degree in communications, Jackson moved to Dubai to study fashion design.  It was there where she discovered her passion for mixing fashion and art. “What I have contemplated lately is how fashion art has been my adaption to my own consumption and almost a response to living in a materialistic society,” Jackson says. “I myself am a lover of things and turning fashion into art helps me understand the things I love in new ways, beyond the level of possession would.”  Tanina began to incorporate her knowledge of fashion into her time behind the easel and that’s when BabeandButter was born.

Mixing Fashion and Art

Her paintings represent fashion and glamour but more importantly, the notions of freedom, happiness, wit and charm within women. Jackson is also is inspired by other artists and designers in the industry.  She admires Dr. Seuss for his moral wit, simplistic elegance and humble humor. As for fashion designers, Alexander McQueen, Jeremy Scott, and Betsey Johnson all serve as notable inspirations. Their creative voice and sense of free-thinking in their work demonstrates inspiring art that speaks for itself.

Where To View

Jackson’s talent has been noticed all over the valley in different venues and shows. Her art has been displayed at various shows at the MIM , Phoenix and Tucson Fashion Week and the Celebrity Theater. She even served as a judge at the Arizona State Fair Art Show.  One of Jackson’s favorite pieces is called “Caked Up” it represents solitude, completeness of self and independence that continues to inspire her.

Be sure to check out Tanina Jackson’s art at I can’t possibly imagine getting a loved one anything more unique and special for the holidays than a beautiful piece of art.


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