Clarissa Burt

Never Nola

“Rhinestones, Feathers and Glitter Oh My: DIY Fashion by NeverNola”

By Clarissa Burt with Lauren Topor

Clarissa Burt 1 The demand for easily accessible online shopping is rapidly expanding due to the effortless shopping access of sites like Amazon and eBay. Etsy is successful because it is like a hybrid between the two, offering quality crafts and authentic handmade goods.  Etsy has burst onto the scene of the ever growing e-commerce world boasting a handful of eclectic designs, mid-century pieces, vintage garments, accessories for the little ones and, of course, all things bridal. Praised by a culture of resourceful Do-It-Yourselfer’s, Etsy has become a marketplace dealing anything from beauty products to must have knick-knacks.

Entrepreneurs like Angela Christensen have built their businesses from the ground up with help from this web-based platform. Inspired by the fanciful love story and romantic pursuits of her grandfather many decades ago, Angela’s passion became NeverNola in 2007.

Never NolaNeverNola is a one-stop shop on the cheap. Think go-to accessories for photo-shoots, darling kids’ wear pieces, dressy prom attire, bridal trimmings and much more. Never Nola designs with vintage loving girls of all ages in mind, never straying away from what is current in the fashion world and the timeless paramount of chic feminine style.

After selling her handmade goods in local artisans markets, craft shows and local boutiques here in Phoenix, Christensen was pressed to expand to better serve a larger audience as the demand for unique, up-cycled fashion accessories grew.

Shopping the online vendor is easy. Choose from a variety of colors, textures and styles to customize your piece just the way you like it. Need it quick? Request an express shipping option to get your items

But, there is more to NeverNola. It’s not just a shop. The company has been dedicated to a handful of Arizona based non-profits such as People Acting Now Discover Answers (PANDA), Childhelp, Room for Joy, and BFREE, which all seek to improve the lives of children affected by abuse, neglect or illness.

What’s next for NeverNola’s Etsy shop? A fabulous clothing line to compliment all of the trendy accessories of course!