Carl Paul Maggio Octogenarian

Carl Paul Maggio Octogenarian

On March 11, 2016  Carl Paul Maggio, right fielder on the Championship 1951 American Legion Baseball Team, Crenshaw Post 715, realized a lifelong dream.  He threw out the first pitch at a spring training game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Los Angeles Angels. He is an octogenarian with an active lifestyle, who achieved this goal by incorporating lifelong healthy living principles into his life.  Let’s examine how these healthy habits allowed Carl to grab this opportunity and complete his goal.

Keep Moving

Carl has stayed active throughout his life, but he realized the need to step up his fitness training to get ready for the “big pitch” day.  He increased his walking, strength and flexibility training and worked on improving posture. 35 years after shoulder surgery on his throwing arm he began throwing a baseball again, a little at first and then more as the weeks went on.  He reported his arm feeling stronger and having better accuracy.  He felt his confidence elevate and his youthful spirit return, as in his playing days.

Eat Organic

Athletes know the importance of a healthy diet to allow for the body to perform at its best.  Everyone’s training table should include generous amounts of organic vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and healthy fats.  Carl up-graded his diet a bit, paid more attention to food choices, portion size and frequency of meals.  He increased his water intake, limited the white flour and sugar, alcohol and caffeine. Better fuel for the body and mind helps all of us to perform better at game time. However he only eats when he’s  hungry sometimes just once a day. He stops eating before he’s full. He believes in fasting once a week.

Use Your Mind

Carl is the author of the book, Swinging for the Fences, the story of his experience as a boy playing baseball and the lifelong friendships that resulted. He is an active blogger, writer and is very socially active.  Cognitive activity is exercise for the mind and helps improve mood and memory.  Reading, writing, calculation and other mental tasks help reduce the risk of acting your age, memory loss and depression.  Carl also used positive mental imagery and meditation to help get ready for the first pitch.  Meditation keeps his mind from getting overloaded with toxic thoughts and mind noise. He thought about the event daily.  During his meditation he envisioned his walk to the mound, the wind up, and the delivery.  Carl saw the baseball cross the plate and pop into the catcher’s mitt.  These mental repetitions would prepare him to find the zone and go on auto pilot when it came time to delivering the pitch.

Socializing and Teamwork

Carl Paul MaggioCarl is a team player, and an outgoing person, who enjoys interaction with old friends and new acquaintances.  He has had bonding relationships with teammates from the American Legion Championship team of 1951, for over sixty-five years.  One of those teammates is still, at 82, a Spring Training Catching Coach for the Los Angeles Angels. Billy Lachemann, who was on the field with Carl for the big day, also remains fully active.  Carl teamed-up with sponsors of the event, members of both teams and officials. Carl welcomed family and friends who came to share his special day and had interaction with the crowd before and after his performance.  Carl built teamwork around him to help him succeed at achieving his goal.  Carl is a firm believer in teamwork to help achieve your dreams and help all of us create stronger relationships and family ties.  There are so many physical, mental and emotional benefits to being part of a team … so Team-up!

Throwing the First Pitch

The day in Arizona was warm and bright.  The sold out crowd was 30,000, and gathering at Camelback Stadium Glendale for the 1:30 start of the game.  Members of team Maggio arrived early, looking after final details. Carl arrived to get warmed up and get last minute instructions from his pitching coach. He made his way to the field, meeting with officials.  He spoke with Officals and shook hands with Jack Murphy, the catcher for the Dodgers, who would catch his throw.  The National Anthem plays, Carl stood with his USC cap across his heart.  Now the time had arrived, he had practiced and thought about this moment for weeks, he strode to the mound with confidence as the PA announcer relayed his bio to the crowd.  He stood on the mound for a moment, began his wind up and threw the ball across the plate and into the mitt.  The crowd cheered their approval.  Carl Paul Maggio:  living for today; proud of his history; looking forward to where he will to go tomorrow.

Remember it is important to check with your Physician before starting an NEW lifestyle change.

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