Matt DeYoung and Justin Swartzentruber

Boron California

Boron, California

Photo by J SwartzentruberWe left off our last article heading away from Bodie California toward the Boron Air Force Station in Boron California. In its early years, just after the Korean War, it served as a radar station for the Joint Surveillance System operated by the FAA and USAF. At the time it was a key element of the Atmospheric Air Defense of North America.

In 1979 it was converted to a Federal Prison for minimum security males and then abandoned in 2000. After learning this our adventurous natures got the best of us and we had to go exploring.

Upon reading about an old site like this most people would probably not take the time to drive hours away from home to go exploring. We are not www.deyoungpictures.commost people. There’s just something about seeing what was once considered so important and vital to our country’s security and now just sits waiting to be wandered through. The FAA still has one antenna operating, completely fenced off, well lit, and surrounded by security cameras…. even though most of our thoughts were telling us to “go check it out” our better judgement kicked in and we stayed clear… because we don’t like felonies.

Our expectations were very high coming into this and Boron did not disappoint. Upon arriving we drove through the entire facility first, just to get a lay of the land and shoot a few photos while we still had daylight.

www.deyoungpictures.comWith the sun setting quickly and upon finding some very intriguing looking water towers we remembered that sometimes it’s important to set the camera down and experience life as it happens. We climbed one of the water towers and sat atop it to watch the sun go down over the facility.

After sunset we took a short break to get dinner and wait for the full moon to rise. Once we got back we set up the shots we had planned out and got down to business.

We made pretty quick work of the photos. One in particular was both of our favorite. A run down work trailer with the windows and doors ripped out and the back quarter of the trailer missing.. Matt got so excited while shooting it he tripped over some debris and fell. Luckily we didn’t break any equipment… oh, and Matt was fine too.

Now after driving over 1500 miles in 74 hours, shooting four locations in two different states, two of those locations for both night and day photos we were ready to head home.

God Bless
Matthew DeYoung