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3 Things That Kept me From Simple Health


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Three Things That Kept me From Simple Health


Eleven years ago I was in the worse shape of my life. Everything that could be wrong with me was wrong. I had been given two grievous diagnoses, one in 1991 and the other in 2001. Then through a series of events I came across the life saving, life changing information that compelled me to stop and think about my about my health care. Much to my surprise I came face to face with three undeniable things about myself that had been keeping me from reclaiming my health. 

I came face to face with my lack of knowledge concerning the subject of health and wellness. I recall reading in a book that the liver has to process everything that you taste, smell, touch and feel. I stopped to think about how many other things I didn’t know about the basic functions of my human body.

  • ·         I didn’t know that 70 % of your immune system is created in your digestive system.
  • ·         I didn’t know that your hormones have 24 hours to do the work they were created to do before making their way into the colon to sit and wait to be evacuated.
  • ·         I didn’t know that the content of your colon should be evacuated three to four times a day or else hormones, proteins, waste, fat, etc. will recycle themselves back into the blood stream, reeking havoc on the immune system.   This life changing information continued to compel me to study the subject of health and wellness for my self and as I did I was appalled at my lack of understanding. I could put everything I knew about health and wellness into a thimble as they say.  

I came face to face with my own personal ignorance. The definition of ignorance is to ignore, to look past, to snub, to pretend it’s not there.The little I did know I simply ignored, like drinking sufficient water and exercising. I looked past and snubbed them as though they were irrelevant to my health. I knew I should not go to bed at indecent hours and expect decent health but I ignored The Law of Sleep. If you have ever been ignored or have ignored someone you know it is a conscious decision. I spent much of my life ignoring the very things that assisted me in reclaiming my health. I’m not afraid to admit that I practiced personal ignorance for many years until my body finally stopped functioning. 

I came face to face with my lack of personal responsibility. Until my illness culminated with breast cancer I believed that health was external. There was nothing I could do to reclaim my health. In all the years I had been ill I never once asked my doctors any pertinent questions concerning my health. Questions like:

  • ·         What is health?
  • ·         Where does it come from and is health internal or external?
  • ·         Is there anything I can do to reclaim my health apart from conventional medical care?   Instead I was convinced that if doctors didn’t have the answers to my failing health I simply had to live to the best of my ability in my condition. I had lost all hope of ever reclaiming my health. It wasn’t until I started to think judicially, critically, thoughtfully and carefully about my health care that I finally made the connection between my lifestyle and the sickness and disease that had plagued my body and changed my life. Neglecting to study the subject of health and wellness proved to be irresponsible and kept me nurturing sickness and disease year after year rather than creating health and wellness.

Much of my health crisis could be attributed to my lack of knowledge, personal ignorance and lack of personal responsibility for my health.  As I increased my knowledge on the subject of health and wellness, stopped ignoring what I should have been doing and took personal responsibility for my health care, unimaginable to me I reclaimed my health after years of sickness and disease.


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