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Father’s Day BBQ

Becky_2012_compressedFather’s Day is fast approaching and most of us will be looking to serve our men a manly meal. It almost seems sacrileges to celebrate the men with a ten-ingredient salad and a yam. Can’t imagine that goes on in most American households. Meat is the first choice for a celebratory menu for Father’s Day. So I thought you might enjoy one of my favorite simple health recipes I pull out of my hat for such occasions.

Of course I always serve it along with a green salad, potato salad, a muffin, and other raw foods. It’s funny how a little meat can light up the men. To this day my husband enjoys every last bit of any meat I serve. In fact he consumes meat periodically no less than once in a week along with copious amounts of plant based foods. The difference between our years of over consuming animal based foods and our simple life today is that we both agreed twelve years ago to be judicious about what kinds of foods we consume. We work together to achieve a healthy lifestyle including holidays, vacations and special occasions and make the healthy decisions concerning the foods we consume during our celebrations. Enjoying this Father’s Day recipe is one of those times when a little bit of Bar-B-Q chicken goes a long ways in your healthy celebrations. And all the men said “Amen!”

So here is a simple recipe for Fathers everywhere. Happy Father’s Day

Ingredients: Organic frozen chicken breast (I purchase them natural if you cannot find organic) It is important that you choose frozen chicken breast. 1 or 2 bottles Trader Joes Bar-B-Q sauce I use 2 bottles for twelve large pieces of chicken. This Bar-B-Q sauce is pretty spicy so you might want to use it to your taste. Children will find it spicy hot. 2 Tsp. Mrs. Dash Original Seasoning Sea salt to taste

Crock-pot cooking instructions:

Place frozen chicken and seasonings in a large crock-pot.
Season chicken. Add a ½ a cup of water or just enough water to keep the crock-pot from cracking. Cook on high for one hour and then add Bar-B- Q sauce and cover all pieces of chicken. Cook for no less than 4 hours or until chicken falls apart.

With a fork and knife shred chicken. Serve on whole grain hoagie rolls with a ten-ingredient salad, potato salad and a fruit bowl.

Roaster cooking instructions:

Place frozen chicken in roaster and season. Cook for one hour. Add Bar-B-Q sauce to taste. Cook for 4-6 hours until chicken falls apart. With a fork and knife shred chicken. There is no need to add water when using electric roasting pot. Chicken will be extremely moist.

I love my roaster it is terrific for this recipe Simple Health Hint: if you don’t have an electric roaster you may want to watch for a sale and purchase one. Expect to pay about thirty dollars. At Christmas time they sell for much less. It makes cooking large quantities of food easy, smeasy especially this recipe.

Experience How Simple Health Really Is!