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Etiquette, Manners and Emotional Health

Etiquette, Manners and Emotional Health

Becky CamposIn my work in assisting others in their personal pursuit of health and wellness I rarely have an occasion to speak about the connection between etiquette and manners and emotional health. Never the less it is one of my very favorite subjects to blog about. Emotional health is part of the totality of Simple Health and it includes mastering The Law of Emotional Fortitude. Certainly emotional fortitude is in relation to the foods we eat, the water we drink, whether we exercise, how we sleep, rest, and cleanse our body, whether we receive sufficient sunlight, fresh air and most of all to spiritual fortitude. But mastering The Law of Emotional Fortitude also includes how we express feelings, attitudes and behavior. Some times all that is needed to reverse emotional stress is to simply revisit the laws of health and measure whether you are living consistently with them. Other times staying ahead of emotional stress can be as simple as examining your etiquette and manners.

Etiquette: the conventional requirements of polite behavior, proprieties of conduct; good manners, appropriate behavior or fitting.

Never Underestimate Etiquette and Manners 

You are your first health resource. The first sign of emotional weariness usually manifest in our behavior and at the least translates into lack of etiquette and manners. Of course those who we live in close relationship are usually the recipients of our thoughtlessness. Never underestimate examining whether you are in control of your feelings, attitude and behavior. I can quickly determine much about my emotional health by my etiquette and manners towards others. Have you ever been in the presence of someone who is simply disconnected from his or her behavior and are lacking appropriate behavior that is fitting? And you wonder what is wrong with them? Have you witnessed someone who simply does not use good manners and you become weary of their chronic behavior so much so that it wears on you emotionally? Etiquette and manners do matter. They have the power to heal and to preserve the beauty and excellence of living amongst each other.

Etiquette and Manners don’t come out of a Vacuum 

Etiquette and manners flow easily and consistently when they are life skills that were put in place in the basic years of life. They don’t come out of us from a vacuum.

They are established, cultivated and believed on your mother’s lap. They belong to us and we gather them like a lifeline when drama and trauma and the pressures of life tend to make us selfish. I have found great liberty in returning to simple etiquette and manners when I sense a lack of emotional fortitude. Amazingly my tone of voice changes, my body language calms, my attitude and perception changes when I commit myself to treating others properly.

Etiquettes and Manners for Health 

You may be wondering what specific etiquettes and manners I am speaking of.

Although there are countless to master the following are basic to living in a position of strength with those around you and to reclaiming daily emotional health. You will be amazed at how your emotional health can be quickened when you return to these simple etiquettes and manners. The benefits are endless. You will experience reducing stress, lowering your blood pressure, saving precious physical energy, protecting your adrenalines from being over taxed, reduce head aches and protect your liver from having to process the negative effects of emotional stress. In addition you will prevent drama and trauma and wear and tear on your relationships.


  • Be thankful
  • Be respectful
  • Be courteous
  • Be ready to help
  • Be thoughtful
  • Be patient
  • Say please
  • Praise when appropriate
  • Clean up as you go
  • Monitor your voice
  • Monitor your body language
  • Remember the feelings of others
  • Don’t forget thank you cards
  • Call if you’re going to be late
  • Answer your email, txt and voice mail appropriately
  • Speak clearly
  • Listen well
  • Do not give unsolicited advice
  • Remember your obligations
  • Do not make a vow you cannot keep
  • Don’t rely on others to do your work
  • Clean out your car
  • Wash your car
  • Give appropriate gifts
  • Don’t whine about all things
  • Wait your turn in traffic
  • Do not cancel a date with out re-scheduling
  • Return what you borrow
  • Do all things in Excellence
  • Be kindly honest
  • Stay pleasant
  • Don’t stare
  • Don’t whisper
  • Include others
  • Wash your hands

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