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Ian Percy Recognize This?

There is nothing like a new golf shirt, especially if it is one of those good ones with the fancy hemming. Almost everything in my wardrobe has a corporate logo on it. I’ve got it all. Vests, sweatshirts, jogging suits, cowboy shirts, sweaters, weather protectors. They come in denim, corporate colors, flashy colors, and boring beige (because “it goes with everything”). I’ve got them from law firms, insurance companies, health corporations, associations, Click here for the full article.


Ziblee Getting Your Vibe On

There are two things that hold companies - and individuals - back from their full and profitable potential: “The first is they do not aim at a high enough possibility or goal, and second the parts of the organization - or our lives - are not aligned in reaching it.” Both of those things, he pointed out, will suck the energy out of any organization or person. That gave me a sudden flash-back to some of the places I’ve worked, though back then we described it Click here for the full article.