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Grandparents on the Go Tempe Town Lake Lifestyle

Most of us take our jobs as grandparents quite seriously, and therefore we are constantly striving to find activities that they haven’t experienced before. Look no further than Tempe Town Lake for some fun and exercise, available every day of the week. I took advantage of our daughter’s holiday break to head over to the pedal boats on the south shore of Tempe Town Lake. You need at least two adults, or one adult and one grandchild who is big enough to reach the pedals. Click here for the full article.


Grandparents on the Go Musical Instrument Museum

Perhaps taking your grandchildren around the world in 90-days might be a lifelong dream of yours. However, if you don’t have the time or the 401K to do so, we believe we’ve found an alternative right here in Phoenix, at least from a musical perspective.

Rising from the desert on a 20-acre property at the corner of Tatum and Mayo Boulevards is a stunning 190,000 square foot building in which you can tour the world with your grandchildren via the universal language that binds us all together. Here everyone comes away knowing that ‘Music is the Language of the Soul’. Visitors will get up-close and personal with over 10,000 instruments and objects from around the globe. We are talking about MIM, The Musical Instrument Museum.

This museum has something for every age group. Children as young as three can see
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