Dynamic Business Model at OnaEuro Salon

Dynamic Business Model at OnaEuro Salon
By Mary L Holden
2016 Best Of

OnaEuro: Hair, Spa & Laser

There is science behind beauty. You may have heard that beauty is only skin deep, or that it’s wrong to judge a person by their appearance as it is to judge a book by its cover.

Annette Midboe, owner of OnaEuro salon understands all that. But she’s fond of saying, “When you look great, it affects absolutely everything.” Are you willing to test the science embedded in that saying? If so, put down this magazine and go look in the mirror. Repeat to yourself the quote by Midboe until you believe it with every cell in your body.

You may not look any different, but you’ll feel a change because you’ll want to make sure that your inner beauty is always reflected in the way you show up to others. And a visit to OnaEuro can assist with that alignment.

Having been in front of a camera during her career, Midboe (known to friends and clients as Anneka) understands better than most about finding a match between one’s exterior appearance and inner beauty. She’s known as a model, multimedia reporter, a designer and a beautician. She studies the latest trends in skin and hair care as well as color and fashion. But the most important thing she does is bringing out the beauty in people who are undergoing treatment for disease.

Midboe is a pioneer in the world of beauty as science and the salon she owns is the equivalent of a laboratory inside a design studio. She holds several licenses in order to offer body sculpting, microcurrent treatments for pain, injury and esthetics, electroacupuncture or TENS therapy, silkpeel dermalinfusion, microneedle treatment, laser skin treatments, dermaplane, and advanced oncology skin therapy.

While men might be interested in creating their best appearance, the majority of clients at OnaEuro salon are women. Midboe says, “My salon is a small, intimate sanctuary for skin and hair care. We provide men and women with best services in a relaxed environment. It’s in my heart to celebrate beauty and the many ways to be beautiful on Earth, to empower others with how they look and feel about themselves is my goal, my calling. I want people to fall in love with themselves, and their lives, over and over.”

The dynamic business model at OnaEuro salon includes giving back to the community. Midboe is and has been a very active participant in many charitable activities: Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, Leukemia Foundation, Breast Cancer Foundation, Kim Miller Benefit Fund for Colon Cancer, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Fresh Start Women’s Foundation, Arizona Humane Society, The Pet Companions Club of Pebble Creek, the Burn Camp, and is on H.O.P.E. Team AZ at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.